Madness Has Me Trapped: Soulfully sweet Evok drop memorable debut single ‘Save Me’

Blending splendidly into our lucky speakers from their upcoming ‘Cards On The Table’ album, Evok look keenly for that elusive royal flush on their wonderfully authentic debut single called ‘Save Me‘.

Evok is an ear-pleasing soul/jazz/synth-pop duo formed by songwriter and production duo Vinzenz Benjamin and Ella Jean. They warmly make the type of ravishing music that is such a lovely blend of modern and 80’s, as they take us for a vintage ride with the top down.

Austrian born bass player, producer and composer Vinzenz Benjamin, first met Canadian born vocalist Ella Jean, when they shared the stage doing gigs around the London club scene. At the start of the first 2020 lockdown they started collaborating
remotely, creating a collection of refreshingly different, ear-catching original songs.” – Evok

This is the endearing story that has your happy heart bouncing inside with so much delight, as nothing in this world is a given and you need that special person to help you through it all. The exciting night is still young and you need their hand to guide you though it all, as you think about them constantly and wish that you could be together always.

Save Me‘ from the stunningly creative and new soul/jazz/synth-pop duo Evok, shows us an engaging journey that has your curious ears perked up as you think about that sweet love. Your stomach knots up and you feel a bit sick inside, but also feel so happy somehow at the same time, as you gaze lovingly into their shining eyes. This is that catchy single that is perfect for those late-night house party vibes when its time to get groovy.

We are blessed to have a perfect summer track like this – to lift the mood as its introduced into our awaiting bodies – that just want to dance again. When the world is burning, music helps water out all fires that need extinguishing.

Stream this funky and fresh new track on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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