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That Sweet Craving: LA’s PYXIE lights up the nights adventures with the catchy indie-pop/rap track ‘Flattery’

As she busts a cheeky move on the tempting dance floor after work, PYXIE tells us what she likes on the fresh new body-moving single called ‘Flattery‘.

PYXIE is an original puzzle-solving indie pop/hip-hop artist from sunny Los Angeles, who loves the creation of those magical words and its many forms that fascinates the hungry mind, as she enchantingly evolves into her own brand of unique music that is wonderfully ever-evolving.

With her lovable penchant for learning new things each day with such alluring innocence, she flow in between the rap, funk and RnB genres the most, morphing them together depending on where her imaginative juices take her to that particular day.

This is the story about loving it when you hear those smooth words from a former stranger, your mind suddenly races and you love the rush each time. You only want it honest though, as that is what you are truly after and nothing less.

Flattery‘ from LA wordsmith PYXIE is a fearless song from a criminally underrated indie singer/rapper, who puts in her best work yet with a display of pulsating lyrics combined with her confident vocals, that will make the shyest of us blush with excitement.

Hear this rising talent on Soundcloud and see more of her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

About ‘Last Night’ – Beatnik drop us some deep cut soulful grooves.

There’s an immediate familiarity around Beatnik to anyone who’s ever whiled away their entire teenage school holidays playing the old coin-op road-race game ‘OutRun’ over and over, or spent, say, 29 hours straight watching 70’s cop-show re-runs on Paramount. Not that we’ve done either, of course. Heaven forbid. But it’s exactly that sort of jazzy, funky, 70’s disco-tinged soulful chill that leaps out of the speakers when hitting ‘play’ on ‘Last Night’; a deep-groove old-school funk-pop dance track, all wandering bass, off-beat drum fills, syncopated Nile Rodgers-style guitar chords, Rhodes piano, and stabs of perfect, jazzy brass, all underlying keyboard/vocalist Peter LaBarge’s awesome soulful vocal delivery.

It’s an absolute killer of a track, a bouncy, beach-and-palm-tree infused love letter to South Florida wrapped up in Acid Jazz Brand New Heavies Chic-meets-Jamiroquai catchiness; we’ve been humming the chorus refrain from ‘Last Night’ all day since first listening to the track, and – given the amount of music we get to review – there doesn’t get much higher praise than that.

‘Last Night’ is taken from Beatnik’s ‘Night Shift’ EP, due for release on April 1st. You can pre-save ‘Night Shift’ through BandCamp now, listen to ‘Last Night’ on Spotify, and follow Beatnik on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Hip hop Music RnB

That Tasty Beat: South London producer Junior Sagoe brings that special sauce to satisfy our hunger for real music on ‘Otsuru’

Taken off his latest ten-track album full of hot tracks all over the place called ‘Heat Rock‘, Junior Sagoe is absolutely superb on the new single called ‘Otsuru‘.

Junior Sagoe is a South London producer, DJ, jazz and hip-hop music student, who monumentally fuses that classic old school feel that was inspired from those young days, listening to his dad’s old soul records.

You feel his self-aware energy spread tenderly all over his latest wondrous creation, as he takes us for an enlightening ride through different constellations that has you learning about yourself, like you never though possible before. He has an authentic layer lathered all over this tremendous track that will certainly put you in a better head space, away from the gloom and doom that does nothing but bring you down into the undesirable dumps of despair.

Otsuru‘ from South London producer Junior Sagoe, is a soul fulfilling instrumental experience that has you in a peaceful daze – as you look above and build up your strength again – so you can follow those dreams you have been manifesting for so long. This is that heart-healing type of music that replenishes all of your lost momentum and has you feeling at peace with oneself for the better.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals from his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Charles Pam – dancey jazzy dance groove with ‘Give ‘Em Back’

Charles Pam is a multi-instrumentalist composer, performer, and producer, with a background in classical composition and jazz. Working with lyricist Matthew England, ‘Give ‘Em Back’ is a soulful, jazzy dance groove with an upbeat R&B feel, bouncy, fun, and uplifting. It’s a cute little electro-pop tune, a touch urban at times but with a definite ‘club’ feel that should see it – and the forthcoming EP (due June 2021) – pushing club and radio playlists this summer.

Pam’s vocal carries the track, but there’s a great backing in the piano, bass, and electro-drum beat; it’s a proper little toe-tapper, lyrically catchy with an ear-wormy hook-line that will have you singing along well after the track finishes.

‘Give ‘Em Back’ is Charles Pam’s first – self-produced – single; we look forward to hearing more when the EP is released later this year.

Check out ‘Give ‘Em Back’ on Charles Pam’s website; follow Charles on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes.

Music RnB

Following Her Heart: Chicago’s DominiquetheDreamer sings so purely on ‘My Dreams’

As DominiquetheDreamer’s heart heals from so much trauma over the years, new life has emerged to fill the gap left behind on the movie-like new single and her 3rd release ever called ‘My Dreams‘.

Dominique Pouncy aka DominiquetheDreamer, is a faith-driven RnB singer from the tough streets of Chicago, Illinois. After tragically losing two of her loving brothers to gun crime, she is on an inspirational mission to give a better life for her newborn child and beat the odds that are stacked mightily against her.

This is the passionate story of following your dreams no matter what others say or what doors close in your face. The journey will be cold and windy sometimes but if you believe in yourself enough, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You feel her passion in each word, as he drives home her message for all to be heard in those busy streets, where one wrong move, can change everything forever.

My Dreams‘ from Chicago’s determined RnB singer-songwriter and single Mom DominiquetheDreamer, is a true real-life story that shows us into her beautifully creative mind, as she asks for respect and a chance to show what she can do through her absolute love for music.

This is a song that leads you into a strong woman’s life who has lost a lot, but has gained so much love and understanding on the way to reaching her wildest dreams, the right way.

Stream this soulful new track on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Connor Jon has released a series of summer chill RnB staples with ‘The Love Connect, Vol 1’.

Before curating Summer chill playlists, you’ll want to give UK RnB artist Connor Jon’s new EP, ‘The Love Connect, Vol 1’, some serious attention.

From his eclectic music taste transpired a smooth dynamic sound, encompassing everything from electronic soul to house to UK hip hop. The singer-songwriter and producer kicked off their latest release with the single, ‘Big Love’, that packs in sensual grooves and an even more potent dose of amorous affection through the vocals which is where you’ll find Connor Jon’s Afrobeat influences. It’s pure mellow soul and a sound that plenty of RnB innovation-seekers will appreciate.

The Love Connect, Vol 1 is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hip hop Music RnB

Nice To Meet Ya: Philly’s MIKEBROWN introduces himself to the world on freshly cut visuals for ‘And You’re?’

With his mood feeling real tight and his flow bringing shooting stars all night, MIKEBROWN lays it all on the line with a statement of intent for the ages, via his premium second single release ‘And You’re?‘.

MIKEBROWN is a confident new Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RnB singer/hip-hop emcee with style points that swoosh the three every time, as he opens the door to new beginnings and shows us what the future sounds like.

He sings with an engrossing style which shows you he knows that he’d better take advantage of this position right now, before it all goes away in a blink of an eye. The industry can swallow you up and chuck you out before you have even had time to eat properly, so its best to grab that knife n fork, and carve away on those new tracks quick.

Taken off his debut album called — ‘The Show Must Go On‘ — ‘And You’re?‘ from polished US artist MIKEBROWN is the enthralling story about feeling ready and knowing that this is it. The time for letting others drag you down is over and she will have to call back for that late night action another time, as he has places to be with the same team from back in the day.

We are witnessing a new voice shine through in a stale genre, that needs a talented artist like this to shake things up Philly style.

See this freshly-made music video on YouTube and check out his IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Feel So Free: Young Manchester-based RnB singer RAYRAY is ready to move on to greener pastures on 2nd single ‘Tell Me’

After the quick success of her debut single ‘8‘, RAYRAY returns with a breathtaking new single called ‘Tell Me‘.

The soulful RAYRAY is a fast-emerging Manchester, UK-based, Congolese-origin and Rome, Italy-born RnB/neo-soul singer-songwriter, who elegantly tells us true stories about love and performs from the heart, with every line sung from life experiences.

You feel her relief through the curious speakers, she was in love but is now happy that its all over as they can’t take your kindness any longer. She has survived the manipulative relationship and has grown stronger – perhaps a bit wearier than before – but still willing to love if its a kind person, not a selfish one.

Her voice is still young and raw, as she finds her true sound you can hear her quality rising to the top. Her crisply textured RnB vocals are such a lovely listen through the mellow beat, that compliments her vibrant voice just right.

Tell Me‘ from the effortless Manchester-based RAYRAY, is a terrific new single that has you lost in her voice, as you close your eyes and let her elegance guide you to a much better place than before you turned her on. Feeling free and expressing yourself properly, is the only way to truly be happy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out her growing IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music RnB

Hippie Tribe put urban grit into romantic pop grooves with ‘MARGEILA MISTRESS’

NYC Hip Hop duo Hippie Tribe lay down sticky-sweet soul in their latest release ‘MARGEILA MISTRESS’, which dropped just in time for valentine’s day to prove that urban grit and romantic pop grooves can sit in hand.

As the duo, consisting of Niko Thorpe and Dee Pickney, take care of everything from the lyrics to the mastering, there’s an authenticity to their self-produced sound, and you’d still be hard-pressed to guess a big-name producer wasn’t reeled in to polish and finish it.

Before lockdown, the indie artists graced the stages of Mercury Lounge, The Knitting Factory and Bowery Electric. We can only imagine how high-energy those shows were thanks to Hippie Tribe’s reggae-tinged sun-soaked mellifluous style.

MARGEILA MISTRESS is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop RnB

Feel the apathy dissipate with My-Key’s hazy RnB-pop track, ‘Mint’.

Throughout his career, My-Key’s aspiration has been to transmit good vibes and frequencies through his hazy pop tracks, based on their most recent release, ‘Mint’, he succeeded. As soon as you hit play, you get the instant shoulder-drop-catharsis as you render the grooves well-worth sinking into.

Instrumentally, there is an intricate mix of indie, pop, soul and hip hop that pulls together with plenty of magnetism to create the perfect platform for My-Key’s humbly-sweet vocals that don’t hold back on vulnerability or the grit of reality. My-Key has a unique way of grounding you with his grind and making sure he imparts ennui-abstracting wisdom. If you could bottle My-Key’s charisma and optimism, it would out-sell Coca-Cola.

Mint (produced by L!tino) is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast