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Figgy Fargo takes us on a dreamy futuristic trip with their RnB EP, ‘A Fall from Space’.

If it has been a while since you encountered a truly pioneering RnB artist, strap yourselves in for Figgy Fargo’s EP, ‘A Fall from Space’; it’s a dreamy trip through the Pennsylvania-born artist’s psyche. With the melodically futuristic ambience, it practically demands to be on your vibe-out playlists.

The standout single ‘Out of Me’ is an evocatively jagged masterpiece through which Figgy Fargo wears his influences on his sleeves while ensuring that not one moment of A Fall from Space feels assimilative. It is safe to say that any fans of Drake, Lil Wayne and Juice Wrld will want to delve into the rhythmically mellifluous, emotionally torrid track.

A Fall from Space is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Charles Pam – dancey jazzy dance groove with ‘Give ‘Em Back’

Charles Pam is a multi-instrumentalist composer, performer, and producer, with a background in classical composition and jazz. Working with lyricist Matthew England, ‘Give ‘Em Back’ is a soulful, jazzy dance groove with an upbeat R&B feel, bouncy, fun, and uplifting. It’s a cute little electro-pop tune, a touch urban at times but with a definite ‘club’ feel that should see it – and the forthcoming EP (due June 2021) – pushing club and radio playlists this summer.

Pam’s vocal carries the track, but there’s a great backing in the piano, bass, and electro-drum beat; it’s a proper little toe-tapper, lyrically catchy with an ear-wormy hook-line that will have you singing along well after the track finishes.

‘Give ‘Em Back’ is Charles Pam’s first – self-produced – single; we look forward to hearing more when the EP is released later this year.

Check out ‘Give ‘Em Back’ on Charles Pam’s website; follow Charles on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes.

Jaron Smalls – Vibes Only: Amorously Arrestive RnB Soul

Jaron Smalls’ standout release ‘Vibes Only’ may be a short, sweet and succinct hit, but the weight of emotion allows the modern mix of RnB, Trap, Pop and Soul to hit harder than any archetypal stylistically-uninspired RnB track ever could.

The boundlessly dynamic artist has proven himself to be the vibe alchemist that everyone needs on the airwaves and their playlists in 2021 and beyond. If Jaron Smalls isn’t already on your radar, with his ability to offer arrestive escapism as you fall into his soundscapes, your sanity may ultimately depend on their amorously accessible sound.

You can check out Vibes Only for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

RnB Trap Pop meets Grime in London-hailing artist Wavier’s latest sticky-sweet single ‘Goof Ball’

‘Goof Ball’ is the sticky-sweet Hip Hop drop from breaking London-based artist Wavier who definitely wasn’t afraid to wear his heart on his endearing sleeve in this playfully stylistic mix.

With harmonised Rap vocals, complexly intricate EDM beats and hints of grime bringing the perfect amount of grounding grit to the single, Wavier has undoubtedly succeeded when it came to stamping down their signature sound on the airwaves.

Any diehard romantics with an affinity for fresh curve creating Hip Hop will undoubtedly want the artist and label owner (3000 AUDIO) on their radars sooner rather than later.

You can check out Wavier’s latest drop by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shojon has released their salaciously smooth RnB Pop single ‘Theorem’

A trappy R&B-styled mix of pop and soul, with some delicious sampled guitar lines and a salaciously smooth vocal from South London native Shojon – from his forthcoming project ‘Greenwich Views’ – is a sleek little mid-tempo track, polished and velvety with plenty to showcase Shojon’s chilled flow and urban, emo-rap style.

Shojon’s already making waves in the South London scene, following collaborations with Lady Leshurr, Maxsta, and Nolay, a performance at the O2 Academy in Islington, and over 150k Spotify streams; now, with a concept video directed by Craig Heathcote – a man well-known for producing storytelling ‘real-life’ videos giving a voice to marginalised and LGBTQ+ communities in London. Shojon’s ‘Theorem’ takes a walk through part love-story, part mental health journey, the video itself showing a modern day cupid balancing the emotions of those he comes across on a Greenwich walk. Shojon currently works with the mental health charity Mind to raise awareness for mental health issues; ‘Theorem’ is a cracker of a track that should go a long way to doing that all by itself.

You can see the video for ‘Theorem’ on YouTube, and follow Shojon here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Lucky Santana says ‘Next’

Hailing from San Francisco’s Bay Area, Lucky Santana’s single ‘Next’ is a lyrical tale of relationship breakdown, and the rebuilding of confidence in the aftermath.

A mix of hip hop and R&B, Santana’s songs are unashamedly self-examining, focusing inward and looking toward the future with self-confidence and assurance, exploring vulnerability and emotion.

Inspired by the greats such as Michael Jackson, Santana has performed with his brothers and as an actor, and aims to empower others to accept their emotions, work through their struggles, and pursue their dreams; ‘Next’ is a perfect example of that goal, a trappy, hip hop affair with laid back vocal delivery and stripped back, walking synth parts over a bed of chilled, laid-back beats.

Check out Lucky Santana on Spotify now.

Review by Alex Holmes

Tune into RnB Artist TOVA’s latest single “Frequency”

Frequency is the latest single to drop from RnB Pop artist TOVA. With their modern and stylistic approach to the genre, they pulled RnB in a brand-new direction.

The production may not have been the cleanest and there was slight discord left in the mix, but there’s no doubting after hearing Frequency that TOVA’s sound possesses plenty of commercial potential. With the hook right before the chorus, the form of the trancey beats will stick with you for long after the track has faded to a close. And notably, they held nothing back lyrically. It perfectly captures how it feels to fall in love in 2020.

You can check out TOVA’s amorously chill single Frequency for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nicole Leaskk has released her strikingly powerful RnB Pop single “Take You Back”

Breaking artist Nicole Leaskk has finally dropped her highly-anticipated RnB Pop single “Take You Back”. The morosely powerful downtempo single illustrates the intensity of the emotions which can arise from amorous indecision while the succinctly poised instrumentals provide captivatingly modernistic melodies.

Nicole Leaskk’s vocals ensure that you feel every ounce of emotion which was projected into the orchestration of the single. And perceptibly, she held nothing back when penning the candid lyrics.

Take You Back is far from your average lovelorn single. It’s striking, it’s stylish and it’s bound to offer plenty of resonance to anyone who knows the feeling of logic and emotions going head to head.

Take You Back is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast