Charles Pam – dancey jazzy dance groove with ‘Give ‘Em Back’

Charles Pam is a multi-instrumentalist composer, performer, and producer, with a background in classical composition and jazz. Working with lyricist Matthew England, ‘Give ‘Em Back’ is a soulful, jazzy dance groove with an upbeat R&B feel, bouncy, fun, and uplifting. It’s a cute little electro-pop tune, a touch urban at times but with a definite ‘club’ feel that should see it – and the forthcoming EP (due June 2021) – pushing club and radio playlists this summer.

Pam’s vocal carries the track, but there’s a great backing in the piano, bass, and electro-drum beat; it’s a proper little toe-tapper, lyrically catchy with an ear-wormy hook-line that will have you singing along well after the track finishes.

‘Give ‘Em Back’ is Charles Pam’s first – self-produced – single; we look forward to hearing more when the EP is released later this year.

Check out ‘Give ‘Em Back’ on Charles Pam’s website; follow Charles on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes.

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