Choice Love delivers a resoundingly soulful apology with “DIFFERENT VIDEO”

Accoladed RnB Soul artist and producer Choice Love released their standout single ‘DIFFERENT VIDEO’ this summer, if you missed it, you also missed out on one of the most resoundingly empathetic singles released in 2020.

My tear ducts never stood a chance against the compassion contained in the consolingly release. ‘I know you hurt, but I’m not to blame’… ‘I’m sorry you’re all alone’… ‘some men help you die, some help you live’… It speaks so sincerely to anyone who has been filled with cynicism and chooses to forgo romanticism for isolated sanctity.

If you don’t feel anything after hit play, there’s a good chance that your soul has departed.

You can check out the official video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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