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Post-rock meets folk as Jess Porter connects the dots in his comeback single, Patterns.

Patterns by Jess Porter

After experimenting in other outfits, the Melbourne artist, Jess Porter, has made his first release since 2014. Right from the intro, Patterns hits you with its dynamic intensity. The simple folky melody running through in hyper-speed instantly immerses you in the post-rock alchemy.

Patterns moves past art rock into 65daysofstatic territory with the synths becoming equal to the guitars as they groove and glitch through the complex time signatures. The vocal effects are nothing short of ingenious for the way Porter harmonically proves that he doesn’t have a vocal timbre to hide before running it through enough distortion that it becomes as volatile as the instrumentals.

Patterns is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Let your psyche go on a journey with Abandon the Fall’s instrumental alt-rock track, ‘October Sky’.

When Abandon the Fall appeared on our radar in 2019, we knew they’d be one to watch. Their latest EP may come without lyrics, but there has been no compromise to the evocatively charged nature of their Alt Rock soundscapes.

‘October Sky’ is just one of the progressive art-rock singles to feature on the 4-track release that will take you on a journey of the psyche as you follow the morosely-tinged melodies through their cutting progressions which leave trails of shimmering echo and reverb behind.

With over-driven guitars and coalescing with darkwave electronica, October Sky will hold plenty of appeal to any fans of 65daysofstatic and This Will Destroy You.

October Sky is now available to stream along with the rest of Abandon the Fall’s Infinite Seasons EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

IGGYC shares their introspection in the darkly theatrical post rock hit ‘Thoughts’

Moscow-hailing Bay-Area-residing artist, IGGYC, has recently released their latest darkly theatrical progressive post-rock single ‘Thoughts’ which allows sonic symphonic rock to meld with 00s emo and cataclysmic increments of hard rock.

Starting with a piano-led prelude, Thoughts gently eases you into the raw embittered soundscape which quickly amasses momentum until you’re in the midst of a fervent whirlwind that carries frenetic reminiscences to the likes of Dir En Grey. IGGYC delivered so much more than a senselessly momentous release, expect your heartstrings to get caught in the wrenching choruses which carry the same weight as the entirety of MCR’s Black Parade album – all in the space of 4:29-minutes.

Thoughts is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ourfathers. added nuanced maturity to the progressive post-rock genre with their colossally evocative single ‘an offering.’

Movements II by ourfathers.

It was only a matter of time until an alt-rock artist simultaneously exuding influence from Sigur Ros and At the Drive caught our distinction-seeking-attention. The latest progressive post-rock hit ‘an offering.’ from ourfarthers. has left us ensnared.

Admitting that tracks by emo artists appease your angsty soul may be met with all manner of snobby pretension from insufferable aficionados, but an offering. isn’t a track easily torn apart. Maturity can be hard to find in tracks which deliver burning unbridled emotion, but discernibly, an offering. is the needle in the evocative haystack.

With quiescently melodic increments sidled next to rip-roaring breakdowns when all restraint is thrown away with visceral abandon in sonically anthemic style, an offering. is enough to make your soul quiver.

an offering. is available to stream and download via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast