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Portuguese electro-rocker Tsunamiz urges the youth to avoid the temptations that are too easy to sink into on ‘Magickal Seeds’

Skillfully conveying an honest outlook on what is transpiring in this new world order that is crammed with so much confusing chaos, Tsunamiz is quite remarkable with the powerful visuals for his latest single called ‘Magickal Seeds‘.

Bruno Sobral aka Tsunamiz is a Seixal, Portugal-based indie electro-rock singer-songwriter and music producer who assembles that important cultural, political and philosophical expression that is cherished in the streets.

During live performances, Tsunamiz often sings and plays electric guitar over his instrumentals and beats.” ~ Tsunamiz

Incorporating two different genres with an expert touch that has been designed to teach those who need to hear the truth blast into their souls without sketchy misinformation, Tsunamiz has developed a really timeless track that has you thinking deeply about what your current environment looks like. With so much unfortunate disarray burning everywhere you look when there should be peace and understanding, this is one of the most meaningful messages so far in 2022.

Magickal Seeds‘ from Seixal, Portugal-based indie electro-rock singer-songwriter and music producer Tsunamiz, is a truly incredible track that has been made with a real ear to what is going on currently. With an enlightened attitude, a superb bassline that has your heart alive, this is a vital narrative – performed by a well-respected underground legend – for anyone feeling like they are alone in believing that this world is currently upside down.

See this new music video on YouTube and view more of his story on IG.

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It Looked Pretty Weird: Steve Andrews doesn’t mind being called the bugman on the excellent ‘Butterfly In My Beard’

Songs Of The Now And Then by Steve Andrews

Taken from his recent 10-track Northstone Studios in Bridgend recorded album ‘Songs Of The Now And Then‘, Steve Andrews shows us his inner kindness and tremendous skill-set that he has been born with on ‘Butterfly In My Beard‘.

Steve Andrews is a free-thinking green beard loving Cardiff, Wales-born, Lisbon, Portugal-based indie blues singer-songwriter, naturalist and acclaimed author.

Andrews is an ecoacoustic and eclectic singer and songwriter who has played at Glastonbury Festival on several occasions and was there as an MC for the Avalon stage in 2002 and 2003. He also appeared twice at the Green Man Festival and has two tracks on the CD album on Double Snazzy.” ~ Steve Andrews

This is one of the most entertaining releases from an artist who it feels like you need to see at least once in your life, as you enjoy his highly likable stories which takes our mind into a better place from this toxic world. The energy is alive with that real fire – that has you moving closer to keep out those cold winds – which can strike you down at a moments notice.

Butterfly In My Beard‘ from the Lisbon, Portugal-based indie blues singer-songwriter Steve Andrews, is a terrifically sung track from a true underground legend of the music world. He performs with a real purpose and you feel so compelled to turn up this track, as being truly free is the whole point of life after all. Just the innocent butterfly, we need someone loyal to look after us, while we find our strength to fly wherever we need to go.

Hear this lovely new song on Steve’s Bandcamp and see his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looked Into My Eyes: German singer/rapper ARU moves away from the darkness on ‘Emotions’

Taken off his upcoming debut mixtape called ‘Epiphany‘ which is a result of a five year dream that has now come alive, ARU shows us the love with the romantic new single which will have you looking to dim the lights on ‘Emotions‘.

ARU is a new German-born, Lisbon, Portugal-based rap/RnB indie singer-songwriter, former policeman and sales promoter. He makes that soothing music which shows you how he feels deep inside, singing away all the bad vibes by staying present throughout.

This is the type of song that might have you swaying your body around as you think about that time you were low — but soon so high in the cloudless sky again —  like the click of a finger. The nights were sad and dull but then the flirty eyes link together, and sparked close to immerse a light that has you feeling so happy inside.

He sings with a truly buoyant attitude, his new journey has enthused him so much and the vocals are raw — but eloquently performed — with so much care and that extra desire within is heard.

Emotions‘ from the focused German RnB/rap artist ARU, shows us that deep love he has for the girl who flipped his whole life upside down, when he was spinning out of control before. She had that spark of someone who helped him warm up inside — after so many doubts and cold weather nights alone, that was threatening to freeze him out of love in an unwanted icy igloo.

Check out the YouTube audio link and follow his social movements on IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Raising proper awareness: Suffolk emcee Tad grabs the loot on superb ‘Made To Be Tame’

Bringing his prodigiously crafted rap delivery that heats up your senses satisfyingly, Tad rips up the script on 2021 with one of the best underground hip hop tracks of the year called ‘Made To Be Tame‘.

Dynamic Lisbon, Portugal-born, Tadeu Fialho aka Tad is a Suffolk, UK-based emcee, who makes that true life hip hop about vitally important causes that actually matter, like disgraceful discrimination and worrying mental health issues which are spoken about with meaning and force on a sizzling beat from Ddiltz Productions.

His furious flow rides through like a drive-by, he swerves into your speaker system to make a real difference with his self-aware lyrics about the current hardships that are plaguing his local area right now. With so many youngsters in jail, the world going mad and leeches out there trying to suck all the good energy out of the world, he lights a dazzling fuse and throws it all the way into our consciousness, to make a name for himself in this often diluted genre.

This is the story about having that extra determination to reach your dreams despite all the rocks being thrown at you. Surviving in this war-torn world is tough at the best of times, but this pandemic has showed you who your real friends are and what you need to do in order to rise to the top of the food chain.

Made To Be Tame‘ from the supremely talented UK/Portuguese emcee Tad, is a true life look into the darkness of today, that is rapped in a tremendously world class flow that lifts the lid of current issues that have engulfed the UK, whilst showing that he is headed all the way to the top where that tasty loot is at.

See the top video on YouTube and find out more about his story via IG.

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That true love inside: MDMelo (Feat. Francis and Miss B) send us a sweet romantic message on ‘Break Free’

MDMelo is back with his smooth style (Feat. Francis and Miss B) and they show that true love can exist on the track 6 of the new EP ‘In The Moment‘ and this one is called ‘Break Free‘.

Porto, Portugal-based music producer MDMelo of MAudioLabs Studio is on mission to unite the local music scene and to make quality music that truly lifts our souls during these tying times.

On this new release, he has brought in the vast talents of singer-songwriters Francis and Miss B as their wonderful voices are aided by the excellent guitarist Miguel Dinis– to form a truly worldwide single for the ages.

The R&B/Soul smoothness is added with a loving nature and a story about how you can be in love and happy when its just you two together.

In a world that is far too full of fancy gadgets and many distractions that at times can take you away from the simple pleasures of life. To be with someone you care about and for it to be special, you need to put in that quality time that involves a real connection away from phones and flashy lights.

Their voices interconnect so beautifully as his strong nature is beautifully blended with her classy vocals and the tight production with the mellow guitar style- is perfect for these dark days.

Music heals after all and ‘Break Free‘ from Portugal’s MDMelo including the all-star cast of Francis and Miss B with Miguel Dinis, is like a hot water bottle on your freezing body on a cold day. You feel the warmth just right and if you turn it up just a little bit, the extra heat is enough to calm your shivering heart to put you in the state of contentment. Love and hope conquers all.

See this wonderful video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Being with your special soul: Porto’s MDMelo (ft. Francis) drop ‘All the Way-In the Moment EP #4’

MDMelo (ft. Francis) bring the heat on the spectacular new indie romantic R&B Soul track: ‘All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘.

Porto, Portugal-based music producer, mixer and audio engineer MDMelo is a man on a mission to get his music to masses with his new EP series. With Francis as the singer-songwriter for this project, this is a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice for the heart to get a boost from our slumber in 2020.

His voice is smooth and calming, this is the story of love that is waiting to be reunited and the wait to be together is so hard sometimes. You want that touch, that laugh and that moment on the beach and holding hands while gazing at the stars. That calm water relaxes both of you as there are no distractions, no TV and nothing interfering with your special moment. This is so pure and will strengthen your bond.

All the Way‘-In the Moment EP #4‘ from the talented producer MDMelo and the incredible vocals of Francis, is a track that makes you drift away for a while and the video is so relaxing too. Each part of the video perfectly encapsulates what the song is about and the ending is what love should be about. After the long wait, this excellent song shows that love is about being patient and being in the moment when you have that opportunity.

Check out the YouTube video and follow the good vibes on IG.

Stream the YouTube video and

Portuguese 5 Piece Rock band Lilith’s Revenge stomp in with debut track ‘Hand On Heart’

Lilith’s Revenge are a brand Portuguese band that were inspired by this crazy year to form a band. They drop their debut track much to the delight of those struggling out there with ‘Hand On Heart‘.

With roots in classic rock, hard rock and metal, you can feel your ears ringing with delight after being subjected to this exhilarating experience.

Through their explosive music, the bands goal is to fight oppression, gender discrimination, physical and psychological violence, and aim to pass on the valuable message of those who suffer from such harsh situations. This is a terrific stand against these terrible atrocities that should have no place at all in modern day society.

With such passionate and supremely emotive vocals that are combined with an energy that rips off the nasty plaster of 2020, this is about getting away from an abusive relationship and moving onto a better life. You have the scars and need time to hear and patch up your body and soul.

Hand On Heart‘ from Lilith’s Revenge is an important new release that helps spread the message of what some relationships are like and raising awareness through powerfully presented music.

Hear this electric new track here on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

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Cafe Ena is determined to love again with ”Make Room”

Getting into that mental space to love again can be a very difficult and traumatic time. Feeling love is a rejuvenating experience and one that we all need to have. On the other hand, you have been let down before so are understandably nervous to take that plunge again.

Austrian born singer-songwriter Cafe Ena has just released a dark indie blue song called ”Make Room” and takes us through her journey to her current place, so that she can find her deserved peace and happiness.

Verena Bachinger aka Cafe Ena, is currently based in stunning Lisbon in Portugal. She has traveled around the world and has incredible stories to tell us all. Her new EP, the aptly named, “Locked Spaces“, is set for release so it’s been a productive time in quarantine for the tremendously talented singer-songwriter.

”Make Room” is a self reflective & haunting memory from the fantastically honest Cafe Ena. She draws us into her bleak picture with dark and moody melodies, never letting us go. She is striving to love again and breakout of her locked up room and heart, flirting with the idea and we wonder if she succeeds or not.

Stream this excellent song on SoundCloud.

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seBENTA’s Nova Vaga Takes Us Back Into The Dark Places

seBENTA appear to be on a mission to put muscular, dark, grunge infused rock back on the map. On the strength of Nova Vaga they intend to do this by blending the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself. Post-grunge? Is that a thing? If it is it suits our purpose here for this band is great at capturing all of the power of the intent and delivery of the rawest of grunge bands and doing it with the simplest of lines and leaving behind the “I hate by mum because she made me tidy my room” brattish parochialism which was often at the heart of the scene.

The real charm comes from the fact that although it is the sound of four musicians playing at the top of the alt-rock game, they rarely give away all the goods at once, preferring instead to serve the song and wait for their rare, individual moment in the spotlight, teasing and taunting the listener. Any showboating is reduced to intricate motifs and clever sonic designs which spice the music rather than lime-lit ego massaging that rock is infamous for.