Clarke John worries about that impending change on the Chillhop mind-soother, ‘Snowing In Shasta’

With a nostalgically supreme beat that stirs your tired body awake and has you reminiscing about your own life, Clarke John shows us that emotionally hungry track that so many of us can relate to in this anxious world we live in with, ‘Snowing In Shasta‘.

Clarke Weigel aka Clarke John is a Portland, Oregon-based indie Chillhop artist and music producer who has made a Lo-fi single that will have you pressing repeat.

After discovering his love for music when he was 14, he now uses his passion for the art form to express himself in ways that words cannot.” ~ Clarke John

With a mellow atmosphere that has you in such a reflective mood as you dig deep into those childhood memories, Clarke John brings us a real gem that is wrapped with honest lyrics – and a head-nodding speaker-hugger – that will have you thinking back to what is actually important for you in life.

Snowing In Shasta‘ from Portland, Oregon-based indie Hip hop artist Clarke John, is one of the most soulful tracks you will hear all year. This is the story about worrying about change and being scared of that new picture that might end up being cracked and not the same as that previous home you treasure. With a pacifying beat that has you gazing outside and worrying about what is coming next, this is an honest single which is filled with a melodic ambience you will find easy to fall in love with.

For some life is about knowing that everything is staying the same, while for others, constant change is more normal than it should be.

Listen up to this new chill track on Spotify and see more of his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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