Expressing disappointment with lost love: Australia’s JXCKY sings from the heart on ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

The sweet soundscape seeps through the walls right away, and we are brought into the story of troubled love. The story of being played for a fool, when you thought this was a solid relationship- that would stand the test of time. Innovative R&B Pop artist JXCKY is in sumptuous form on his new single ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?‘.

His voice has so much disappointment attached, that you can feel inside your bones while listening intently. The tone is a bit sad and regretful that this has happened, he feels used and confused, a completely natural state of mind that opens up his heart to heal again. This is a feeling that so many of us have gone through before- you thought that this was something special but now you feel you have wasted your time. You feel used and that hurts the most.

The beat sweeps in and dusts away the teary eyes, you now feel a bit angry and wonder what is so good about the new person in their life. He has a way with words, this is a singer who has such a glorious gift and it feels like he is ready now. The self-doubt and name change is done, he wants to rise about and prove himself right. Making music is comes so naturally and the effortless flow steams the speakers with electric effect.

What’s So Good About Brandon?‘ is a way of moving on to new and better things from Melbourne singer-songwriter JXCKY. His voice is radiant and real, an artist who is only really getting started and ready to shine so brightly above all, that may come his way to try and block his path to his true goals in life. Trying to be the best version of yourself each day, is the best way to be happy inside.

Stream this passionate song here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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