I Am Free Now: Oceans of Tears shows us the real picture on JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE

Taken from the well-received rock musical BULLET IN A GUN – DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS, Oceans of Tears returns with a deep story that is filled with sadness and true life in a nutshell on JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE.

Oceans of Tears is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock project from artist Steve W. Boily who fearlessly develops popular rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos.

A semi-autobiographical socially relevant, thought-provoking musical which deals with sometimes “heavy” and often “provocative” themes. In this song, performed by a great vocalist, JOHANNE GAGNON-DEMERS, with music by Jim Crighton and Michael Sadler from the amazing and under appreciated rock band SAGA; the lyrics written by Steve W. Boily & his music collective “Oceans of Tears/ Océans de Pleurs” speak about a teen who is admitted in an insane institution due to her recent suicide attempt, to get away from the physical & emotional abuse she has received from her alcoholic parents.” ~ Oceans of Tears

After the sea-bending experience on October 2021 release Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix (feat. Nick Preymay Jr), Oceans of Tears joins forces yet again with Les productions ALASKA Productions and the results are quite scintillating.

JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE from Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock project Oceans of Tears is one of the most honest songs you are likely to hear in 2022. Soaked with an unmistakable rawness that takes us into the mind of someone who has had to deal with too much too young, showing us where society needs to be better rather quickly.

Being free is what all kind souls deserve, after all.

See more on YouTube and see the progression continue on Steve’s IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


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