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Numbsoul welcomes you into unfamiliarly inviting territory with his downtempo trip-hop hit, Break Free

With syncopated beats brushing up against ambient electronic melodies that allow you to trip into an unfamiliarly inviting gritty urban territory, the latest single, Break Free, from the singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer and sound designer, Numbsoul is a short and sweet slice of sonic transcendence.

The NYC-raised artist, who goes by the name Dashaun Riley away from the mixing desk, started self-teaching and performing in the arts at age seven; he’s had plenty of time to hone his multi-faceted crafts since finding inspiration from the likes of Kanye, Timbaland and G-Unit.

At age 15, he stepped up his creativity by evolving from a music composer and screenwriter into a music producer. His sounds can be heard reverberating through the NYC underground and within the mainstream after featuring on one of Universal Music Group’s official Spotify playlists and signing a deal with Sony. If you’re waiting to see the rise of the latest NYC luminary, watch this space; Numbsoul is sure to dominate it with his culturally-balling beats.

Stream Break Free via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You want her to be the only one: ‘I Want It To Be You’ is New York City musician/writer Lauren Kidd’s exceptional solo debut of self-discovery

Queens, New York singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd is heading for big things due to her exceptional voice and self-motivated attitude. These are two qualities that are at the core of being a successful indie artist and Lauren epitomizes this.

The former frontwoman of NYC band Clearview and after starting to learn music when she was just 9 years old, she is now fully integrated into the solo world and is excitedly releasing her debut album called ‘Our Numbered Days’ which drops on the 18th December 2020. Luckily, Lauren has been kind enough to sneak us a listen of her ‘I Want It To Be You’ debut single to wet our appetites and this is like a thunderbolt into our hungry hearts.

This is the story of knowing what you want but struggling to find the right path to get there. The pain in her voice is palpable as she wrestles with easy temptations that have been there from life in a band. Quick and fun flings are there if you want it; they can be so hard to resist if you let yourself be drawn in and hang out at places you know are bad for you.

She sings from the heart and wants to be a better person and there is only one special soul that she visualizes being with The problem is, it might be too late. Patience and self-reflection are the two qualities needed right now but you don’t want to be alone either.

With a strong voice, terrific visuals and a heartfelt style, it’s no wonder that this is a musician on the rise. Her honesty shines through the cracks of the room as you reminisce about those nights you spent with someone you barely knew.

I Want It To Be You’ from New York’s Lauren Kidd is a single that is part of the master-plan and a way to heal inside so that you can move on and do what you can, to gain that ultimate forgiveness. Life is all about learning from mistakes and not being too hard on yourself. We are only human after all.

See the excellent music video on YouTube, stream her on Spotify and find out more via IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Comics and music combine: Underground NYC emcee Massive Jugganott elevates his mystique on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq)

Massive Jugganott is a New York emcee with a big point to prove on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq). He smashes the dusty door down to make wack rappers retire and shows us what the proud genre of Hip Hop should sound like. He is from a place that either makes or breaks you and delivers a track that is exactly what 2020 needed.

He wants to be an artist that is heard and respected. This is a man who has a gigantic love of comics and music; these two worlds combine in a smash-fest that is hard to ignore.

With a classic Frankie Blue Eyes sample to set the stage up for what is about to occur next; we grab our piping hot popcorn and sit down to listen to big boy Hip Hop. This is that old school sound that feels a bit lost sometimes with all the cheesy flavored weak rhymes that have somehow infested the minds of the youth. He references the legend Eric B and your attention is even closer to the speakers as the booming beat gets you in that New York state of mind.

The difference between Massive Jugganott and other rappers is that he respects where you are from. He isn’t interested in petty beef and is beyond what most musicians in his neighborhood think about. Making that top shelf music is what he is about and this is a huge statement of intent for a young emcee that is just starting his music journey. He respects the trailblazers before him and the art-form that was intended to unite the community, not destroy it.

Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq) is one of seven debut tracks to enjoy and remember that true New York Hip Hop sound. Let’s all hope he can find Eric B.

Heat up your day on Soundcloud and see more from Massive Jugganott on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Super Love sends in indie-rock with flair on ‘Dirty Liar’

Super Love rock in with their edgy and unique style on ‘Dirty Liar‘.

The boldly distinctive style of Super Love starts with pairing multi-layered lyrics and cross-genre grooves, building each track into a unique yet familiar sonic experience. The band has been influenced by the local style of New York City, involving piano in their expressive sound and incorporating elements in their work from numerous sub-genres, including punk and jazz.

Formed in 2019 by Constance Watkins (lead vocals) and Jared Watkins (multi-instrumentalist), they write and record in a brownstone townhouse in the city. These two make a great team and you can tell that they are perfectly in sync.

Dirty Liar‘ is an exciting song full of distortion, full of intriguing vibes that simmers through to your soul. I love how this band is improving after each song and they play their own style. Authenticity is so rare these days and this is so welcome.

Click here to the to hear this epic track.

Here is the Facebook to find out more about the band.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen