Comics and music combine: Underground NYC emcee Massive Jugganott elevates his mystique on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq)

Massive Jugganott is a New York emcee with a big point to prove on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq). He smashes the dusty door down to make wack rappers retire and shows us what the proud genre of Hip Hop should sound like. He is from a place that either makes or breaks you and delivers a track that is exactly what 2020 needed.

He wants to be an artist that is heard and respected. This is a man who has a gigantic love of comics and music; these two worlds combine in a smash-fest that is hard to ignore.

With a classic Frankie Blue Eyes sample to set the stage up for what is about to occur next; we grab our piping hot popcorn and sit down to listen to big boy Hip Hop. This is that old school sound that feels a bit lost sometimes with all the cheesy flavored weak rhymes that have somehow infested the minds of the youth. He references the legend Eric B and your attention is even closer to the speakers as the booming beat gets you in that New York state of mind.

The difference between Massive Jugganott and other rappers is that he respects where you are from. He isn’t interested in petty beef and is beyond what most musicians in his neighborhood think about. Making that top shelf music is what he is about and this is a huge statement of intent for a young emcee that is just starting his music journey. He respects the trailblazers before him and the art-form that was intended to unite the community, not destroy it.

Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq) is one of seven debut tracks to enjoy and remember that true New York Hip Hop sound. Let’s all hope he can find Eric B.

Heat up your day on Soundcloud and see more from Massive Jugganott on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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