Yvngchxppa shows us inside the struggle to encounter stability in loving relationships on ‘Carmen’s Keep’

Lifting the lit on that constant game to stay real with yourself when you look into the mirror within the fake walls of this highly superficial society, Yvngchxppa strolls through the wild world that can have even the most calm human feeling rather anxious inside ‘Carmen’s Keep‘.

Yvngchxppa is a Nigerian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer who has been recognized for his frequent collaborations with quality emerging artists.

His recent collaborative album with fellow Toronto artist Badmanbead, Under Surveillance, has been burning up the streets since its early 2021 release.” ~ Yvngchxppa

Bringing us a catchy new track loaded with true life stories that many of us can learn from, Yvngchxppa is at his insightful best with a superb display that shall revive the truth inside us all.

If love is a drug, I’m an addict.” ~ Yvngchxppa

Carmen’s Keep‘ from Nigerian-born, Toronto, Canada-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer Yvngchxppa is an honest single that shall reflect the mood of many in this consumer-centric system. With our minds too busy and so much counterfeit noise bellowing out from the speakers when they should be calm, this is a reminder that we need to find the right connection. If not, the torrid turbulence might drown our precious soul out from fulfilling our goals and desires.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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