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DFTCNT shows us the current mass anger of the world in their outstanding video, ‘Flux’

Dropping an authentic debut video that shows us right inside exactly what is wrong with the current world, DFTCNT displays that rare world class intensity that unwraps the unnerving predicament the world finds itself in with, ‘Flux‘.

DFTCNT is a Newcastle, UK-based indie musician, electronic artist and director who has won over 50 international awards for best video recently.

With one of the finest visual arrangements you are ever likely to see in 2022 that is loaded with a menacing sound that pulsates all your senses, DFTCNT is quite sublime and shall take your breath away shockingly.

Sometimes remarkable songs show you deep inside the truth, and this is one of those explosive moments that needs to be applauded for its realistic brilliance.

Flux‘ from Newcastle, UK-based indie musician, artist and director DFTCNT is a haunting reminder that things need to change rather quickly before absolute carnage ensues. There is violence, anger, war and destruction in droves here, with a soundscape that might find your body shaking with fear. The visuals are top-notch and the slow buildup will probably take your breath away, as we are placed into a real visual that will have you pondering where humanity is headed.

See something rather special on YouTube and view more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kamanda feels blessed that he is still breathing as he shows us to stay true to ourselves on, ‘Tighes Hill Memories’ (feat. Regikay)

With a soothing environment that is sealed with a head-nodding beat and quality vocals, Kamanda knows that the past shall never define him as he takes us back to where it all started on ‘Tighes Hill Memories(feat. Regikay).

Kamanda is a Liberia-born, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist who rivets the airwaves with accounts about what happened before and he vows to silence those who doubted him before through his lyrical acumen.

I write lyrics about my life, my struggles & overcoming hard times.” ~ Kamanda

Pulsating the mic awake with a smooth flow and smartly contested bars that have you feeling rather refreshed like a cold shower after a scorching day outside dealing with fools, Kamanda dusts off the doubts and keeps us in the loop of where he is headed. It feels like he has a smart head on his shoulders on knows where he needs to be in order to succeed, on a track that will light up your mood like candles on a date night with that genuine lover.

Tighes Hill Memories(feat. Regikay) from the Newcastle, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist Kamanda, is a wall-around-my-heart message that urges us to stay real and to never falter from that path. With advice from his Grandma and a determined outlook on life – this is that true message that so many need to hear again and again until it sinks in like glue – that fills you up with hope after hearing those small-minded naysayers try and bring you down to their level for too long.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Our Chemistry: Outstanding Newcastle singer Beth Macari takes away all of our insecurities on ‘Love You More’

With a thrillingly sensual energy that transmits such stunning elegance to make you blush glowingly, Beth Macari takes us to those rare dizzy heights we forgot were actually possible on the effortless gem ‘Love You More‘.

Beth Macari is a wonderfully talented indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter based in passionate Newcastle, England. She makes that glorious love-letter type of music, which is such a beautiful listen as her glorious voice brings some classy heart-warming vibes on this scrumptious effort.

After previously blessing us with a 90’s dance floor vibe on her last release, you feel more of a delicious jazzy/RnB element on this stunning new single. Her gushing vocals has your neck and back shaking in delight – as her voice is so perfectly toned that you feel an urge to close your eyes – so that your can relax into her utterly transfixing and rather unforgettable experience.

This is the loving story of catching your eyes together as you both smile and come closer, you feel a bolt of electricity and know that this is going to be something rather special. You know that they may have some doubts about if they are worthy to be with you, but you sense this quickly and just want to keep things sweetly textured, without overthinking things.

Love You More‘ from the lovely Newcastle-based indie RnB/soul artist Beth Macari, is that sweet moment when your heart tells you that this is someone you should spend more time with. Her lusciously gorgeous vocals are such a pleasure to lather into this bubble-bath of a single, that has your beaming brightly from all the romantic energy.

This is such an excellent single, and one to bring you back to simpler times, when love wasn’t so unnecessarily complicated.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see her IG page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She breaks free: Newcastle upon Tyne legends The Questionnaires show us that class is permanent on ‘The Illustrated Woman’

The Questionnaires show that years of experience and training does indeed matter, on a special song taken off their long-awaited album ‘Atlantic Ridge‘ and this is a spectacular single that has undeniable class that is called ‘The Illustrated Woman‘.

The Questionnaires are a North East, UK-based band lead by the lyrics and direction of Steve Hall and Jane Wade. A multi-genre group with elements of alt-folk, alt-country, soft rock and pure pop wrapped with so much authenticity, this dynamic group meshes in some of Tyneside’s most well-respected musicians to formulate a mixture of that quality golden sound, that you hardly hear these days.

Featuring a full six-piece band plus four guests to make this a truly memorable old school experience, you can’t help but smile and appreciate a quality band like this. From the classy vocals that put your anxious body at ease, to the drums, electric and acoustic bass guitars, violin, piano, organ (and probably more hidden instruments)- this is a something that the whole family can enjoy.

This is the story about how a woman has set herself free from being stuck inside as she knows herself so much better now. That ultimately rewarding feeling is so special and one that you only know when you feel it. From being inside the glass and not being happy with what you are doing, is an inner stomach-churning moment that you know you need to get out of and when you do- it feels like you can fly to the moon. Doing what you know you are capable of, is the only way to feel that genuine contentment in life.

The Illustrated Woman‘ from Newcastle’s The Questionnaires is a truly classic song from a rare, proper band that put their heart and soul into every note on this single. This is an experienced act that deserve respect in an often fickle music world that either makes you or breaks you in an instant.

They have proven that they wiser heads can still put on a show and that real musicianship takes years of practice and to master your instruments, you’d better be willing to put in the effort otherwise you won’t be timeless.

Support these terrific musicians on YouTube and see more on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taking back those tears: KRAiG DiEL wants to make it all right on ‘i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE’

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is the latest song from the dazzling talent of KRAiG DiEL, as he aims to make it all better one last time.

KRAiG DiEL is a talented Newcastle-based pop/trap solo artist, who has made a huge impact of humongous proportions, since entering the scene a month ago. He makes that smoothly delivered music that gets you thinking deeply and dancing with that special soul in your life at the same time.

With electro vibes that strike at your speakers hot, they steam up quickly with this love story that is in peril. His effortless voice brings to you to a reflective state as you recall past relationship and how sometimes, they just ended so suddenly. whist others stood the test of time and survived all rocks being thrown as your core was built to last forever.

i’M JUST TRYiNG TO APOLOGiZE‘ is an indie-pop tear streamer as he puts us into the story of attempting to put things right but is having trouble doing so. With a smooth voice and bags of charm, fast-rising UK artist KRAiG DiEL will surely get through to her but it will take a bit longer and the tissues might need replacing first.

Sometimes you try and make it right but you somehow end up making it all worse, as you pierce through the glass memories that are now broken and you are the glue to put things back to together, no matter who’s fault it was. You can try and fix it but ultimately, it will never be the same.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cave Suns – Sloop John Dee: Tribally Entrancing Dark Psych Rock

Even with the Avant-Garde obscurity in Cave Suns’ danceably electric single ‘Sloop John Dee’ from their New EP ‘Surt Skum’, the tribally rhythmic pull of the single allows your pulses to register the arrestive instrumental improvisation from the first progression.

Each new evolution in sound hits you like an emboldening, radiating incantation. Any fans of the Telescopes, Gnod, Kill Your Boyfriend, Goat, Grateful Dead, Femur and Television will undoubtedly want to delve into the transfixing release which takes you on a 6 minute journey through the Newcastle, UK-based artist’s ingenuity.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear a new luminary powerhouse offering galvanizing droning fuzzy dark psych-rock instead of appearing  as a carbon copy of the Beatles, The Doors or Pink Floyd. It’s probably for blackened hearts instead of the faint of heart.

You can check out Cave Suns’ single Sloop John Dee for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SQUARMS – Consequences feat John Dole: Dynamically Divergent Electronic Hip Hop

Newcastle, UK’s most promising Alt Electronica trailblazers SQUARMS’ latest single ‘Consequences’ is a dynamic DIY celebration of the UK underground. With groovingly sharp hooks which will lacerate you with 90s Pop nostalgia amongst elements of Indie Dreampop and gritty Hip Hop, Consequences is a smorgasbord of culture and style.

With every progression, there’s a new unpredictable evolution in the artist’s limitlessly expressive and intimate sound which borrows elements from the past to bridge the gaps between Hip Hop and Electronica scenes.

Newcastle’s aural contributions may frequently be overlooked, but tracks as eclectically indulgent as Consequences are hard to ignore.

You can check out Consequences for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Home studio goodness: Australia’s Eastrn Social transports us into a different world on the indie-electronica sizzler ‘Sound So Clear’

This is the splendid solo project of producer/songwriter Liam Gray called Eastrn Social and the earthy electronic waves drift in like a sneaky side-wash on ‘Sound So Clear‘. The bursting beat is such an intrigue and teases us to dip our toes into the seas of the unknown.

You close your eyes tightly to visualize the dreamy alt-pop transparent sounds that are a blessing to our eyes and his gasping voice floats inside your soul so beautifully. The relaxed electronica has you in a temporary gaze that is such a pleasurable experience in current times as the ambiance blesses the anxious speakers inside us.

The Newcastle, New South Wales native draws you in like a fine pencil with a music artwork that keeps your body moving in rhythm. This is a song all about meeting in the middle to get the full picture is portrayed here, as sometimes we can drift apart so quickly and get lost on the dark ocean of life. What was so easy before can sometimes become so hard and complicated. To truly work together in life or love, each relationship needs work and compassion for the flow to stream just right.

Australian home studio producer and singer-songwriter Eastrn Social has a fantastic formula that races in like a Daniel Ricciardo fastest lap. This is a musician that is different from the rest of the musicians out there and the intricately created authentic sounds transfix you into wanting more. ‘Sound So Clear’ is exactly what is on the label and this pure energy is like a crisp summer’s day in the ocean seas.

Stream this brand new release on Spotify and see more on Twitter and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian emcee Dawn Laird dusts off the mic in style on excellent ‘Doreen’

Doreen‘ is the new moody classic Hip Hop release from Dawn Laird as she impresses on this fab 10 track full album.

Newcastle emcee Dawn Laird has been a staple of the Australian music scene for the last 5 years, with countless supports, radio slots and features. This is now her time to shine.

Doreen‘ is named after Dawn’s grandmother who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Dawn Laird, dedicates this release to someone whose unconditional love is the reason she still in this world, due to the massive impact that she made.

The album is unapologetically Dawn, a larger than life personality with no punches being pulled. She doesn’t dance around topics such as sexism, weightism or her experiences in Hip Hop and life in general.

She wrote and recorded a lot of the tracks on ‘Doreen‘ during a time when she moved from Newcastle to the mid north coast to be closer to her grandmother. She’d gone into an aged care facility and Dawn wanted to be there for her. She was the kind of person who wanted to speak up but seldom did. She didn’t do a lot of pushing back or advocating for herself which meant the world wrote all over her in many ways. She believed in kindness over everything but that was often taken advantage of or mistaken for weakness. Rightly or wrongly, it never changed her belief that people were fundamentally good.

It’s taken a long time for Dawn to learn how to stick up for herself and other marginalised people in a meaningful and unapologetic way. ‘Doreen‘ is fundamentally a body of work about identity, courage, pushing back, catharsis, making space and transcending fear. ‘Look Nan, I can do courage now!’. – Dawn Laird

This is such a sad but inspiring story. The music matches the story and the lyricism is of a high standard with beautiful beats.

Doreen‘ from Dawn Laird is quality and my favourite song is by far ‘Days Like These‘. The lyrics are deep and I love how the song builds and builds, yes.. this is such good Hip Hop. In a genre that is so saturated, this has me smiling and also shedding tears for this artist’s loss. However, from loss we learn and the strength from the lost loved one is there for you to look after, you just have to grab it and never let go, maintaining your honesty throughout.

Doreen is so proud of you right now Dawn, please carry on your journey and helping others learn how to stick up for themselves, Please don’t let the cold world freeze you up, your kindness is really strength.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australia’s Megan Core sends us mental health conversation starter with ‘Caffeine Fix’

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is the brand new single from the talented young singer-songwriter.

Megan Core is an Australian artist who writes honest and relatable folk-rock with an earthy feel. This down to earth singer-songwriter with a mellow style, makes the year a bit better with this fantastic song. This is her 3rd ever release and you can really feel her growing maturity.

Her last single ‘Lost In Mayfield’ was released a few weeks ago and is pretty personal and based around her love for Newcastle and the special people who can make a place feel like home. With new music out, this must be such an exciting time from the likable musician who is growing after each song. Her authenticity shining through is the most impressive part and there is no flexing here.

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is a lovely song, full of beauty and incredible vocals. The Australian singer flies high with her indie-folk melodies that makes you want to smile and think of things in a positive mindset despite the topic. Speaking with your close ones and making sure they are ok is so vital. This started after Megan couldn’t play for a while due to a broken finger and is such a blessing. Even if coffee makes this fab singer a bit anxious, she will do it to check in on friends.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen