DFTCNT shows us the current mass anger of the world in their outstanding video, ‘Flux’

Dropping an authentic debut video that shows us right inside exactly what is wrong with the current world, DFTCNT displays that rare world class intensity that unwraps the unnerving predicament the world finds itself in with, ‘Flux‘.

DFTCNT is a Newcastle, UK-based indie musician, electronic artist and director who has won over 50 international awards for best video recently.

With one of the finest visual arrangements you are ever likely to see in 2022 that is loaded with a menacing sound that pulsates all your senses, DFTCNT is quite sublime and shall take your breath away shockingly.

Sometimes remarkable songs show you deep inside the truth, and this is one of those explosive moments that needs to be applauded for its realistic brilliance.

Flux‘ from Newcastle, UK-based indie musician, artist and director DFTCNT is a haunting reminder that things need to change rather quickly before absolute carnage ensues. There is violence, anger, war and destruction in droves here, with a soundscape that might find your body shaking with fear. The visuals are top-notch and the slow buildup will probably take your breath away, as we are placed into a real visual that will have you pondering where humanity is headed.

See something rather special on YouTube and view more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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