Somewhere Far Away: Ivy Eye are simply excellent on nostalgic 2nd single ‘Make My Way Out’ (To The Sun)

With their dark sunglasses hidden slyly under their stylish space helmets with a ciggie or three waiting to be lit when they reach the optimum height up above, Ivy Eye skillfully shatter all preconceived ideas on how modern music should sound on their follow up to the massive worldwide debut hit ‘Peace of Mind‘, as they bring us more joyous euphoria to salivate over on ‘Make My Way Out(To The Sun).

Ivy Eye is a UK-based music production duo who somehow take a futuristic torch and shine in dynamic disco, fresh funk and uncontaminated pop pureness, to heal our broken hearts one song at a time.

The infectious track explores elements from the House and Nu-Disco genres all whilst keeping the duo’s classic Disco/Funk influences as the driving force. Moving into more sonically lush territory,” ~ Ivy Eye

There is so much to love here as the story of wanting to escape this evil planet rings home true, as you pick up the phone and say yes to the offer of joining them on this exciting journey to a new place. A better place. Somewhere safe and kind, with heart-healing music leading us to the peaceful finish line, where you can lather joyously in treasures that fill more than your easy-to-break pockets.

Make My Way Out(To The Sun) from the well-received UK music producers Ivy Eye, is a sensational performance that is filled with happy droplets of scintillating vibrations to keep you coming back for more. They prove that funky music with soul will always have a place in our welcoming smiles no matter what other fads are doing the rounds, as this is just pure unadulterated brilliance all the way though. Music with a bounce like this, is always welcome on life’s ever-evolving jumping castle.

Hear this groovy wonder in the sky above on Spotify and find them hanging out in the coolest spots via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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