Switzerland-based Hip hop artist Benj spins the truth on excellent visuals for ‘Proove me Wrong’

Sending us a fireball of breathtaking bars that will transmit those old school Hip hop fans into a real buzz of excitement, Benj sounds and looks ready for the limelight that he knows his body of work deserves with his debut video called ‘Proove me Wrong‘.

Benj is a Switzerland-based music producer and Hip hop solo artist who has dealt with those demons and vanquished them with expert aplomb as he looks for world domination.

Delighting those who crave that proper lyrical delivery that is paced to perfection and inspiring for those who need a quick push in the right direction, Benj might be the breakout rapper we have been looking to save us from all the fake rhythms that can suffocate your soul if you believe in the nonsense. He seems naturally driven and isn’t messing around, as the hunger in his sharp eyes enlightens those who look deep enough and find themselves compelled by his outstanding efforts.

Proove me Wrong‘ from the highly motivated Switzerland-based music producer and Hip hop solo artist Benj, is the ultimate anthem for the underdog who believes so intently that blowing up is imminent. With so many people trying to crush on others’ dreams just because they don’t believe in themselves and have an evil tendency that is unexplainable, this is a full-throated effort from someone who just knows that his time is coming. It’s not a question of if, it’s when.

Check out his first music video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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