LA producer Christopher Dallman swirls through the speakers with sensational ”Time Of My Life”

You can hear it in his voice that this is a man on the rise. He sounds content and happy in his own body and soul. With sensual beats, Christopher Dallman is an electronic artist who also sings indie-pop and is on a mission to make 2020 his moment to shine brightly.

Known primarily for his acoustic music, the upcoming album “Digital Blue” introduces a more electronic style to his music armory and he strikes the oven hot here with a smashing track.

Born in Milwaukee in the USA, Christopher Dallman has just blessed us with the speaker-hugging ”Time Of My Life”. This is a sensational track with a sexy beat and it just settles well in the stomach. The start is powerfully orchestrated, the lyrics are inspiring and the vocals are so smooth you just want to turn up the volume. I can see myself cruising around in my buddies car with this on high voltage. This song is all about climbing and not letting go. This is time to fully make it happen and not stop for anything or anybody. Christopher Dallman is ready for the new style of music and we are just along for the fun ride. Let’s hope for more quality like this as the ears are big fans.

Stream this fantastic single from this new producer with huge potential on his Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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