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Rap artist and producer Sea High has released his cinematically raw single, ‘Bad Habits’.

Sea High

Swathes of mental health-related singles have hit the airwaves during lockdown, but rapper and producer Sea High’s ode to despair, Bad Habits, is a fiery candid hit that makes most tracks sound superficial at best.

Bad Habits, in the best way possible, is a manic release that reflects the instability we feel and our tendency to rely on our vices to bring a sense of comfort and stability, even though indulging in them is an act of self-sabotage.

With his dizzying canter that accurately reflects the often-chaotic nature of our intense internal monologues as we try and make sense of the endlessly confusing world, the dramatically cinematic feel of the production and the meta power of the lyrics, Sea High can definitely be regarded as a triple-threat.

Bad Habits is due for official release on June 25th. Check out Sea High via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

In Aid Of Simon Turner and Associates show us that some people just don’t appreciate help on ‘Nova Scotia’

Taken off the important debut three-track mental health fundraiser EP called ‘My Crisis Of Confidence’, the brave Simon Turner and Associates tell us about the story of ‘Nova Scotia‘.

Simon Turner and Associates is a courageous UK-based Jonny & The Mental Breakdowns bassist, who has completed an incredible project that originated from demos back in 2003. This quality release has been used as a way of self-therapy to move beyond the past, and to look towards the future.

”A photographer and musician with a long history of depression, anxiety and an attempted suicide behind him, Simon has been behind many fundraising efforts for Mind including the very well received 2017 ‘Top Of The Punks’ compilation and numerous charity auctions, raising £8,000 to date. This time it is a project 17 years in the making featuring contributions from his many talented friends, or ‘Associates’.” – Simon Turner

This sterling effort features contributions from members of Paul Weller, Shura and Jazz Colossus, with all proceeds going to the mental health charity

He plays with such vigor and love, each note is made with tender care and you feel the world class quality here. The lyrics are catchy and the vocals are a pleasure on the earlobes, as you relate to the story of trying to forget about the one person that made you feel so small, when you totally didn’t deserve their disrespect.

Nova Scotia‘ from Simon Turner and Associates, is that striking story that digs deep into your thoughts, as it shows you that even if you want to help, some people will also take advantage of you which causes a terrible feeling in your stomach. The will to assist is there but you need to be careful to who you help, as some just take and never give back.

Stream this true-life inspirational story on Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Run Away: Top class Swedish band Ghost Nation lead us from the ‘Black Dogs’ of our mind

Bringing us a vitally important message about mental health that is often swept under the carpet, Ghost Nation show us unrivaled honesty about issues that have plagued the band in the past, as they perform with so much passion on their new song called ‘Black Dogs’.

Ghost Nation is a thriving two-piece alt rock/pop act from Stockholm, Sweden. They make that spiritually enlightening music that has your mind alert and gives you so much admiration for their stunning soundscape creativity.

”The black dog is that constant darkness that follows you and that you can’t get rid of.” – Ghost Nation

You feel the superb vocals that are entrenched into your mind, you hold onto the beat that washes over your body to cleanse away the self-doubt, the lyrics are striking and gives you a true warning.

Black Dogs’ from sensational Swedish duo Ghost Nation, is a message to not look back, as you run from the dark shadows and the barking of the mind, as you find your peace to figure out who you really are in life. Looking behind and getting bitten by the past isn’t helpful at all and leaves you with those deep scars.

Taking a breath and believing in yourself with good habits away from bad company and unhelpful vibes, will only make you smile and happier after all.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see their FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zenodro lays out the roadmap to resilience in his rap track, ‘On a Roll’.

‘On a Roll’ is just one of the lead tracks from Columbian-American rap artist Zenodro’s debut album, ‘Identity Crisis: Part I’, through which the artist extended the conversation around mental health by offering an intimate view into his psyche and laying out the roadmap to resilience.

Their playful cadence brings plenty of energy to the atmospheric mix that reflects the dystopic atmosphere of our society. The high-vibe alchemist sets the perfect example by showing you that you can laugh in the face of darkness and thrive in spite of everything that is telling you to quit. With enlightening tracks such as On a Roll on your playlists, your apathy won’t have much of a choice about leaving.

Zenodro’s album Identity Crisis: Part I is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ceylon Rose has made their debut with the psych-laced RnB pop-rock track, ‘Bubbles and Reflections’

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ceylon Rose released their debut single ‘Bubbles and Reflections’ on March 12th and shared some of the epiphanous thoughts that led to his transition from their anxiety-riddled state into someone with confidence in their ability.

One of the many stunning aspects of this track is how it reminds the listener that darkness can be overcome. Then there is the soundscape itself which unravels as a melodically soulful mix of RnB, pop, psych-rock and hip hop. The Hendrix-style solo gives you plenty of time to let the preceding introspection sink in and appreciate the multi-faceted nature of Ceylon Rose’s talent.

Bubbles and Reflections is now available to stream via Spotify.

To keep up to date with news on the artist’s following releases, connect via Facebook.

Raising proper awareness: Suffolk emcee Tad grabs the loot on superb ‘Made To Be Tame’

Bringing his prodigiously crafted rap delivery that heats up your senses satisfyingly, Tad rips up the script on 2021 with one of the best underground hip hop tracks of the year called ‘Made To Be Tame‘.

Dynamic Lisbon, Portugal-born, Tadeu Fialho aka Tad is a Suffolk, UK-based emcee, who makes that true life hip hop about vitally important causes that actually matter, like disgraceful discrimination and worrying mental health issues which are spoken about with meaning and force on a sizzling beat from Ddiltz Productions.

His furious flow rides through like a drive-by, he swerves into your speaker system to make a real difference with his self-aware lyrics about the current hardships that are plaguing his local area right now. With so many youngsters in jail, the world going mad and leeches out there trying to suck all the good energy out of the world, he lights a dazzling fuse and throws it all the way into our consciousness, to make a name for himself in this often diluted genre.

This is the story about having that extra determination to reach your dreams despite all the rocks being thrown at you. Surviving in this war-torn world is tough at the best of times, but this pandemic has showed you who your real friends are and what you need to do in order to rise to the top of the food chain.

Made To Be Tame‘ from the supremely talented UK/Portuguese emcee Tad, is a true life look into the darkness of today, that is rapped in a tremendously world class flow that lifts the lid of current issues that have engulfed the UK, whilst showing that he is headed all the way to the top where that tasty loot is at.

See the top video on YouTube and find out more about his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its okay to talk about it: J0VANNA puts her heart and soul into inspirational story of extinguishing mental health demons to help others on ‘Brain On Fire’

Powered by Funky Indigo Entertainment, the sensational J0VANNA is absolutely breathtaking on the personal ‘Brain On Fire‘, that shows us that its okay to ask for help, when you feel like you are sinking in your own mind.

Motivational Pembroke Pines, Florida-based r&b/soul singer-songwriter, spiritual badass and Berklee Music Business student J0VANNA, makes that meaningful music that took so much strength to release to the world, as he puts her feelings on paper to help others through her own struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD, when she was an impressionable young teen. She sings with honest passion guide others that are dealing with this right now, as he is a caring individual that truly believes that through this wonderful art, healing is waiting for us all if we ask for help.

Her voice is so spectacular and she sings with that inner desire that lifts your mind to overcoming your own demons. The heights here are angelic, her vocals so high but effortlessly delivered, with amazing class that impresses mightily.

Brain On Fire‘ from the dynamically talented and sweet soul J0VANNA, is an ode to the future and trying to cool down the heat-filled mind, that is overstimulated and needs to replenish the cooling mechanisms inside, to soar above in the clouds again.

She isn’t hiding away and if anything, her voice is on fire. She has bravely walked outside to send a must-hear message of unity with a life-changing story of breaking those shackles and walking free.

Hear this inspiring single on Spotify and see her story to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SLMP are set to release their soulfully consoling single ‘2012’ feat Duke Sims and Crystalla Gonzalez


Silver Lining Music Publishing (SLMP) collaborate with musicians worldwide to create unique yet accessibly consoling music, orchestrated with the intention of making listeners’ lives brighter, less confusing and more interconnected.

‘2012’ is the forthcoming Soul Pop release which features Duke Sims and Crystalla Gonzalez, the track was written for a friend who attempted suicide, it sonorously reaches out to the listener, serving an essential reminder to reach out if you’re suffering.

‘When you’re feeling that way, just call me, we don’t have to say anything at all’ busts the myth that reaching out needs to involve difficult conversations, it doesn’t. It makes the world of difference just to know someone is there, that someone cares. Those sentiments may seem flat when expressed through the written word, which is why 2012 is an exponentially essential track which you’ll definitely want to explore for yourselves.

You’ll have to wait a little longer to check out the single for yourselves. In the meantime, you can pre-save the track on Spotify and follow SLMP on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

‘Home’ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a real story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious

Home‘ from New York City creative Joy Morales is a story of how 2020 has made the world more anxious and feeling so locked up inside our homes. There is a cutting edge here, the song is sharp and is like nothing else out there. Pianosynthvocalstuff is the self-description of this authentic artist and this is a track you have to admire.

With an atmospheric start that feels like it belongs in a movie,you get the impression that something really different is about to emerge from the brain of this incredible musician.

There is a void in your life right now and you want to be outside, seeing things, learning new skills and moving around. The world is locked for a while and this is a test of your patience.

Miami-born Joy Morales sings with such vigor on ‘Home‘ and she opens the squeaky door into her vividly described world. With a gritty passion and a style that is so unique to the music world. Her story is real and so relevant as we all try and keep our mental health stable, despite the catastrophic world that is burning currently.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North West England’s NTHN brings us hauntingly beautiful album ‘Delta’

UK singer-producer NTHN brings us a real gem with the release of his latest indie-electronic album called ‘Delta‘.

Singer and producer from the North West in England, NTHN draws from hip hop and emo rap. Composing and sampling dark and ambient atmospheric sounds inspired by metal and emo genres, NTHN is inspired by his immediate surroundings and is using his music to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and displays of vulnerability. A self-taught producer, he started out as purely instrumental but has begun to bring in his own vocals as he becomes more confident in his sound.

Expansive and nuanced, NTHN’s debut album ‘Delta‘ is a candid and therapeutic exploration into his own journey with mental health. Taking inspiration from early Bring Me The Horizon and Clams Casino, this new album sees NTHN exploring new sounds and influences whilst resampling his older work providing seamless continuity.

Totally written and recorded and produced by himself, NTHN explains the process as cathartic, allowing him to accept the many facets of his identity. Wanting to break the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly men’s mental health, ‘Delta‘ is structured in three distinct phases; awareness, acceptance and action. Wanting to celebrate his different influences and showcase his versatility as an artist, the album varies in genre, with each track addressing a different aspect of his struggle with mental health. He certainly has achieved his goal here as standout tracks ‘Alone’ and ‘Enough’ are so terrific and really hit home the hard truths of the powerful mind.

I love how honest this album is. NTHN has brought us an important message and the hope is that other men reach out if they are feeling down. The only way to feel better is to reach out to those close to you as another soul is so important to your heart right now. With closed doors and staying inside too much due to covid, mental health is even more vital right now. ‘Delta‘ is such a terrific release and helps with it’s soothing energy and top production. This is a top release that must be heard by young and old.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen