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Never Seen Again: The Sitch ask for the stars to align on love-lost new single ‘Unread’

As they think deeply about that special soul who made them fall in love, before then disappearing into the sky forever, The Sitch wish that this mysterious angel would just reply even once, just so they knew what happened on ‘Unread‘.

Invigorating Yokohama, Japan-based indie-pop duo The Sitch sweetly fuse that purely mixed music to perfection on a sweet beat that has you wanting more and more. Their energy is genuine and loving, the treasure hunt to find their fleeting partner has you entrenched into their story.

They work together so well as a team, as you get a bit lost in the story with the vocals romantically has you daydreaming deeply about the one that got away in your life. This is a duo who mesh together so nicely, each word is meaningful and you can’t help but like this story that is so well done and delivered with such class.

Unread‘ from joyful Japan-based indie-pop bedroom act The Sitch, is a cute song that has you wondering if they will ever find each other — as the story unravels like a movie — with you wanting them to kiss at the end, to make everything better again.

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Its always 20/20: Chris Register drops quality thirteen-track album ‘Hindsight’

Cruising in with the terrific follow up to 2020’s ‘Wake Up Call‘, Chris Register sends us his 14-track ‘Hindsight‘ album that has him in thoughtfully top form.

Maine-based proud father and indie r&b singer-songwriter/rapper Chris Register, makes that soulful reflective music that strikes at your heart with warmth and makes you truly think about where you are headed in life and with love.

With a gripping voice that zips the doubt out of your head and puts the spring in your step, he lifts the mood on the dark and gloomy world with a sterling effort full of r&b lo-fi beats, sultry vocals and atmospheric daydreams.

The highlights on this album are vast as there are no fillers which makes a welcome change from most albums of this size. Particular tracks that have a little bit of extra shine are definitely ‘Feelings‘, the love song that will have the candles on low as you get close with that special one in your life. The calming and classy vocals of GIA adds so much and these two should make more music together, as they are perfectly matched.

Moving On‘ is another sweetly tendered song that sweeps you off your feet due to the stunning vocals and lyrics that flows through the speakers and drowns out all other distractions.

Ur Eyes‘ is another gem here as the tone slows down with the mellow acoustic vibes and this seems to suit this wildly talented artist.

Hindsight‘ from Maine indie singer-songwriter/rapper Chris Register, is that gem in the ground that is hard to find but when you do, it was certainly worth finding it. He sings with such poise and class throughout, full of vocals that are highly impressive.

Looking back does you no good in life and the key is to learn from those lost loves and to makes sure that next time you give your heart to someone, you have taken the time to make sure that they won’t break it. Easier said than done but possible, if you believe enough and use your gut instinct correctly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Expressing disappointment with lost love: Australia’s JXCKY sings from the heart on ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

The sweet soundscape seeps through the walls right away, and we are brought into the story of troubled love. The story of being played for a fool, when you thought this was a solid relationship- that would stand the test of time. Innovative R&B Pop artist JXCKY is in sumptuous form on his new single ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?‘.

His voice has so much disappointment attached, that you can feel inside your bones while listening intently. The tone is a bit sad and regretful that this has happened, he feels used and confused, a completely natural state of mind that opens up his heart to heal again. This is a feeling that so many of us have gone through before- you thought that this was something special but now you feel you have wasted your time. You feel used and that hurts the most.

The beat sweeps in and dusts away the teary eyes, you now feel a bit angry and wonder what is so good about the new person in their life. He has a way with words, this is a singer who has such a glorious gift and it feels like he is ready now. The self-doubt and name change is done, he wants to rise about and prove himself right. Making music is comes so naturally and the effortless flow steams the speakers with electric effect.

What’s So Good About Brandon?‘ is a way of moving on to new and better things from Melbourne singer-songwriter JXCKY. His voice is radiant and real, an artist who is only really getting started and ready to shine so brightly above all, that may come his way to try and block his path to his true goals in life. Trying to be the best version of yourself each day, is the best way to be happy inside.

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The strong love that broke suddenly: ‘Will You Ever’ from Brisbane local Jack Bratt changes direction on excellent new single

With a smoothly salted Roots-Rock flow to empty all of our doubts into the dusty drain, this is a melodic daydream that is about that sweet love-love that was so perfect-but changed so suddenly. Australian singer-songwriter Jack Bratt is back with a new style for our thirsty ears, and he is on top form with his latest release ‘Will You Ever‘.

His voice is so calming and you feel totally at ease right away, the mellow soundscapes are like a summers day on the beach by yourself. I feel like a feeling of relief but also doubt, you miss that vibrant and happy love that consumed you life. The song shivers throughout, the sonic waves of a sad story is constant all the way through as you gaze out the window.

With a style that keeps you in the edge of your seat all the way, his voice is hauntingly honest and the cosmic creation here is so intricately formatted, to tell us a story of heartbreak, that so many of us will relate to. A love that was going so well you thought they were the one, so many memories stored up on the hard-drive in your brain. To delete these will so very hard to accomplish, so you will have to store them elsewhere for now, as you know you need to move on. That is the only way to grow and blossom again.

Brisbane musician Jack Bratt has changed direction with his music career and his voice simmers so sweetly here on ‘Will You Ever‘. This is the message of sadness when there was something so beautiful, and the journey to replenish your heart again has started. You know you need to fly free again, and unshackle those regrets to open yourself to new love.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘If I Can’t Have You’ from Jared Harper is a sad love story for the modern world

Having racked up over 600,000 views on YouTube following his blind audition on The Voice Season 18, Jared Harper is a young singer-songwriter on a mission to make music, He is back with the latest single called ‘If I Can’t Have You‘.

With heavy influence from the grand times in music: 50s, 60s, and 70s from the lines written by Lennon and McCartney to the melodies created at Motown. This is a well-crafted track that is so effortlessly performed. We are in the midst of seeing a master at work, one so young but with an old soul.

If I Can’t Have You‘ from San Francisco, California based singer-songwriter Jared Harper is a love journey to find the one. You want to be with them so badly but perhaps the timing is slightly off. The care of this new track is for all to see, the indie-folk musings are so eloquently portrayed and this is one for the books. A rare song that is sung with that authentic style that is so often missing in the music world. This is an underground legend that is waiting to be found.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen