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Action: Mr. proper motivation brushes the flaws away and finds his zone on Dream Big

Paying attention to what is actually important away from useless noise so many sift in, Mr. proper motivation sees fit to drop a banger and we should all turn this up and slide those shades on with Dream Big.

Mr. proper motivation aka Anthony Hombre is a Brasília, Brazil-born Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist who makes those effortless tracks your speaker adores.

Sending us into a whole new galaxy to examine with abandon, Mr. proper motivation returns in elite form with one of the most elevating singles of 2022 so far. There is a smooth production here that has been mixed with catchy cool vocals to grab your attention and take us all into a better frame of mind.

Dream Big from Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist Mr. proper motivation is ready for the next step and sounds in tailored mood to press away all the doubt away forever. Seeing bigger now because of that chat with himself when everything almost broke, shows us that signature hunger in drove. Winning all the way after paying his dues and putting a smile on our faces, this is an inspirational message for us all to learn from.

If you feel like you have what it takes, it’s best to make it happen.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Intoxicated: HazinSava misses all those sensual kisses on Late Night

Taken from his recent 4-track release Project War, Vol. 1, HazinSava wonders why his former flame is acting so distant lately on the new club-banger anthem filled with the truth about modern day society on Late Night.

HazinSava is a mysterious Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist who is a dynamic creative who makes those underground gems.

Displaying such impressive gusto and lifting our minds into a hazy-filled by hugely memorable time, HazinSava is on top form with a quality track that has been made with purpose. Bravely unlocking the door and taking us deeply inside, this is a tremendously visual song that unearths some hidden feelings you forget about.

Late Night from Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist HazinSava is the hugely familiar story about wanting to get that spark back again with a previous lover. Even after sensing that there might be nothing left, this is a track all about wondering if it is actually possible, despite the unlikely odds. Performed with a passionate mindset and outstanding flows that are matched by a lyrical ability up there with the underground best, this is a quality single made with tenacious focus.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bryan James Duffy wonders why the world couldn’t make this sweet human happy with ‘The Most Beautiful Suicide’

Going forward to the Neverland that is waiting for this kind heart who has decided that the time is now to end it all, Bryan James Duffy sings with tremendous love and care on this heart-stopping new single named ‘The Most Beautiful Suicide‘.

Bryan James Duffy is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based, Ontario, Canada-born indie singer-songwriter who meshes in tasty snacks filled with Americana, blues and folk packed inside to nibble on.

I love all facets of musicality. I don’t vocally sound like anybody other than myself. I’ve been a huge fan of guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Dereck Trucks and Johnny Winter.” ~ Bryan James Duffy

Gliding up in the clouds like an authentic hero amongst us, Bryan James Duffy performs with that classy style you can’t help but appreciate. The lyrics are deep and the tone totally honest, showing us deeply inside this all-too-common story that has, sadly, broken the hearts of way too many innocent humans.

I try my best to learn from that pool of incredible musicians in all attempts at perfecting my own sound. I’m still a student and always will be.” ~ Bryan James Duffy

The Most Beautiful Suicide‘ from Las Vegas, Nevada-based, Ontario Canada-born indie singer-songwriter Bryan James Duffy is a vocally excellent single that is packed with an important subject that many choose to brush under the carpet. Showing us inside this sad picture that unfortunately ended so tragically, this is a splendid single to make you think quickly about those who you should reach out to. Right now.

Listen up to this new single on YouTube and see more on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Las Vegas-based duo Demon and Lion praise the unknown legends on ‘Humble Heroes’

Opening up their hearts and showing much respect to those who help without the glory that so many greedy souls crave, Demon and Lion remind us to show love to the hard-working legends who are striving each day to keep the world safe on ‘Humble Heroes‘.

Demon and Lion are a Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo who impressively have the ability to perform live in 5 different languages and started their career in Argentina.

Honoring all those around the world who selflessly fight every day against all odds for the lives and well-being of others.” ~ Demon and Lion

Guiding us into a shattered picture that shows you the strain that so many are feeling as they stay quiet and fearless to assist others, Demon and Lion offer their appreciation with a wonderful single to remind yourself that the world needs to show love to those who work bravely in the shadows.

Humble Heroes‘ from the multi-lingual Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo Demon and Lion, is a praise-filled single that shows us the flames of strength from those brave warriors who have stood up tall when the world was crumbling to its core. Their vocals slide kindly into your ears and simmer brightly into your eyes, to show you that kindness actually does exist. With a wonderful lyrical experience to truly savour – this is a song that is an anthem – to pay respect to those selfless servicepeople who have saved so many lives.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ted Sablay wonders if this sweet but troubled soul is afraid of settling down on ‘Admit It Now’

Bringing us into a story all about wishing that a former flame would just let you in instead of using you, Ted Sablay wonders if they will ever change or end up single forever on his new single, ‘Admit It Now‘.

Ted Sablay is a multi-talented Las Vegas-based indie rock artist, musical director, and music teacher who is a touring guitarist for the legendary alt-rock band, The Killers.

With the pandemic halting plans for a fourth world plan with the band temporarily, Sablay used the time to finish writing and recording his first full-length album, “You’ll Be Back Here Soon”,  before touring the world again with The Killers in Spring 2022 as the band’s musical director and touring guitarist.” ~ Ted Sablay

Admit It Now‘ from the much-respected indie rock artist Ted Sablay, is a well-made track from a true great that sends you into a world of intrigue about that person who we have all met in our lives. Independent to the core but finding themselves alone and still stubborn – this is a single all about showing their selfishness up close – to hope that they can make a change for the good.

Performed with a classy style that shows the frustration that many of us have felt with that loveable soul you wish would let you in, this will be a reminder for anyone who has felt the wrath of that sense you will never truly get through to them.

Hear this honest new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Why Can’t You Stay: Las Vegas singer-songwriter Ashley Marie disappears into the night on ‘Unravel’

After the underground success of her well-received debut single ‘Gravity‘, Ashley Marie is at her breathtaking best as she tries to keep things together on the wonderfully soul-searching track ‘Unravel‘.

Ashley Marie is a youthful Las Vegas, Nevada-based poet and indie-pop artist. She fuses an emotive blend of evocatively conscious-stirring music, that has you feeling in a compellingly contemplative mood.

Her sensually elegant vocals has your beating heart in a serious spin like a washing machine, as you think back to someone you cared for who kept on running away – as you wish you had gone after them – rather than wondering why they left.

Sung with a thoughtful ambiance on a body shaking soundscape which has you thoroughly enthralled as you look up at the dazzling stars for guidance, you feel an air of regret as to why she is in this state of mind. Ashley wants to be calm like her future lover –  but right now – she needs to get this feeling out of her system and figure everything out alone.

Unravel‘ from the new Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-pop solo artist and poet Ashley Marie, is an enchanting track all about wondering why you can’t seem to smile and be truly happy. Made with a stunning honesty from a dazzling musician with so much potential and who sings with such realness attached – this is a highly reflective vivid picture – as you find the mirror and wonder why things can’t be simple for once.

Sometimes you just need to vanish like a ghost for a while, to truly find your destined path and be truly free, as you work out who the right soul for you really is.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talk It Through: David M Fiori wants that young love joy on ‘Stronger Than Me’ (feat. London Lawhon)

With a groovy vibe and an honest story about taking charge in a relationship, David M Fiori is thoroughly tremendous on his new track featuring striking vocals that will have you nodding your head all day on ‘Stronger Than Me(feat. London Lawhon).

David M Fiori is a New York City-born, Las Vegas, Nevada-based artist, bass player and music producer. He is a legend in the US music scene who knows talent when he sees it, and is a well-respected musician who makes that world class sound.

David Fiori has spent years perfecting his technical sound and unique style, with writing projects that include. Netflix, Marvel Studios, and Nissan, Chevy, Kraze Capone, and Triga, Jasmine Saldana Diaz , Solomon Child from Wu-Tang Clan and currently London Lawhon from American Idol.” ~ David M Fiori

Featuring a soulful singer who has such a succulent vocal ability and matched with a fresh riff that has you in the mood to reach your goals no matter who is bringing you down, this is a top track full of everything you need.

With reflective lyrics about wanting to keep the love alive and to not be a babysitter all the time – this is a fine song packed with a style that has you realizing deeply – that its actually important to keep things in perspective, to achieve that much-wanted long-term success.

Stronger Than Me(feat. London Lawhon) from the multi-talented Las Vegas-based musician and music producer David M Fiori, is that true story about wishing you could be looked after for once. You desire that person who is totally mature and not stuck a reality tv-type mindset, who supports your vision, and takes you on adventures you only thought possible in dreams. This is the type of track which makes you really think, if indeed you are actually with the correct person after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Won’t Be Alright: Charlson returns with contemplative new single about moving apart on ‘You Say’

Lovingly taken from his debut one thousand-mile journey album called ‘U.S. 285‘, this is all about finding that true meaning and purpose in life, as Charlson returns with the reflective single called ‘You Say‘.

Charlson is a thoughtful alt-rock artist based out of Boston and Las Vegas in the USA. He makes that perfectly tuned road trip music, that has you thinking deeply about those flashback moments you wish you could take back, as well as those memories you want to make going forward.

This is the story about a lukewarm love that was going strong but things have changed and you feel that they are moving far away, as you want to instead move closer.

His honest voice reflects the pain with a groove energy, that catches your attention as you sing with him on the mellow chorus. There is a lot of intricate acoustic melodies with that old school 80’s feel that gets into your veins, as you gaze outside and wonder where that lost love really went after all these years.

You Say‘ from Charlson, is a sad tale about how you want to be with them so much, but you feel like they are actually driving away whilst saying the exact opposite. Their eyes are telling you the truth and they are locking away information that you need to know, as the relationship ends you wish that your love could burn bright like it was before.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In this moment forever: The First Impression fly gloriously above the clouds on the remarkable ‘Wishing Moments’

With their stunning vocals delivered with a classy appeal that opens up those sleepy eyes widely, The First Impression dream vividly of the future on the heart-stopping ‘Wishing Moments‘.

Tremendous Las Vegas, Nevada indie-pop act The First Impression, fluidly assemble that uplifting type of sensual music that grabs at your beating heart and pulls you closer to see more, their wondrous vocals have an exhilarating effect on you that is unexpected and hugely satisfying on your hungry palate.

Their vocals form as one on a sumptuous beat, you feel like you are flying happily in the moon-lit sky and looking into the striking eyes of a caring lover who you wish could stay next to you forever, your eyes are interlocked and you feel like you are stuck in time, floating in a happy state of ultimate bliss.

Wishing Moments‘ from the underrated Las Vegas, Nevada group The First Impression, certainly delivers on the aesthetic quality and you feel like you have heard a special song, that won’t easily be forgotten. They sing with such freedom and love as it propels you through all doubts up into the skies above, with that special one close by you, to help you through it all.

First impressions certainly matter and this is a track that gives you hope throughout all the current suffering. It feels like after a long hiatus, this is a sleeping lion that has reawakened and is ready to roar loudly again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never defeated: Inspiring Las Vegas singer-songwriter Jason Rylan refuses to feel ‘Powerless’

With an ever-increasing heartfelt determination flowing rapidly from his veins, Jason Rylan, returns gloriously to give us an empowering message about never giving up no matter what obstacles block your path on ‘Powerless‘.

Multi-genre fused EDM, electronica, dance, and pop artist, California-born, Las Vegas-based indie solo singer-songwriter Jason Rylan, formulates that inner-self motivating music that has been inspired by his loving parents, who taught him what life was all about, while also sharing the wonderful gift of creating sounds with him as they were musicians themselves.

This is the story of feeling down but never out, as you strategically work out how to get out of whatever predicament you are in, so you can flourish instead with positive thinking. He sings with such rare presence, his many years of performing live and recording a vast array of music is highly prevalent, his experience shines through as much as his inner passion.

“Music is spiritual, it flows through us, moves us, and it heals us. It sparks us to ignite positive change within.”- Jason Rylan

Powerless‘ from Vegas musician Jason Rylan, is a wondrous display from an artist who instead of feeling sorry for himself due to all his upcoming tours and shows been shelved, has instead chosen to lift up like a majestic eagle and shows us that you can still do what you love. Life is what you make of it and here is a prime example for us to be inspired by.

Click here for the Spotify link and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen