Las Vegas-based duo Demon and Lion praise the unknown legends on ‘Humble Heroes’

Opening up their hearts and showing much respect to those who help without the glory that so many greedy souls crave, Demon and Lion remind us to show love to the hard-working legends who are striving each day to keep the world safe on ‘Humble Heroes‘.

Demon and Lion are a Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo who impressively have the ability to perform live in 5 different languages and started their career in Argentina.

Honoring all those around the world who selflessly fight every day against all odds for the lives and well-being of others.” ~ Demon and Lion

Guiding us into a shattered picture that shows you the strain that so many are feeling as they stay quiet and fearless to assist others, Demon and Lion offer their appreciation with a wonderful single to remind yourself that the world needs to show love to those who work bravely in the shadows.

Humble Heroes‘ from the multi-lingual Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo Demon and Lion, is a praise-filled single that shows us the flames of strength from those brave warriors who have stood up tall when the world was crumbling to its core. Their vocals slide kindly into your ears and simmer brightly into your eyes, to show you that kindness actually does exist. With a wonderful lyrical experience to truly savour – this is a song that is an anthem – to pay respect to those selfless servicepeople who have saved so many lives.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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