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Raw emotion becomes anthemic in Alexis Perry’s high-octane rock track, Memory of a Car Wreck.

Memory of a Car Wreck is the latest rock n roll hit from the 20-year-old US singer-songwriter Alexis Perry, who has garnered plenty of hype since her visceral debut. Despite the offer of a major label deal, she has held onto her indie status and expressively lacerating style. You would be hard-pressed to find such piercing lyricism from any other up and coming artist.

The single starts with crashing symbols and crunching guitars; as the basslines start to grind, Alexis Perry’s effortlessly evocative vocal timbre starts to intensify until the track works up to a stadium-ready anthem. It stands as a testament to Alexis Perry’s songwriting ability that she was able to create such a massive track that sparked from something as raw and intimate as suicide. Memory of a Car Wreck finds a raucous way to depict the mercurial nature of our minds that can be on the brink in one moment and consoled the next.

Memory of a Car Wreck is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Set aside your anger and find the possibility of positivity with Farris’ sonically ensnaring single ‘Rocket Blaster’

2020 may seem like an opportune time to release a new angsty protest song, but Alt-Rock luminaries, Farris, proved why it isn’t with their matured and mindfully explosive latest single ‘Rocket Blaster’.

Undoubtedly, everyone needs adrenalizing tracks on their playlists to find catharsis in, to vent through, to find mood-matching resonance within. The Netherlands-based artist sweetened their galvanising sound with a message of positivity. One which we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Anger may be a more prominent part of the human condition recently, but that doesn’t mean that should be the default emotion we turn to when we’re faced with the reality of our increasingly absurd socio-political climate. Subversively, Rocket Blaster asks the listener to find the positivity within the negative through tattoo-worthy catchy lines such as “Put away your guns and your rocket blasters, anger only kills us faster”.

The overdriven sonically ensnaring sound in Rocket Blaster is just as visceral as the message written by Texan singer-songwriter Kathleen Farris who exudes magnetically ferocious energy that any fans of Joan Jett, Juliette Lewis and the Licks, The Runaways and L7 would definitely appreciate.

Rocket Blaster is the first track to be released from the upcoming EP of the same title which is set to drop in 2021. We’re already stoked to hear what kind of conscious ingenuity the forthcoming release contains. Until then, we’ll be left with the rhythmically infectious earworm which is Rocket Blaster.

You can check out Rocket Blaster which was released on October 20th for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tough on Fridays have returned with their resonantly visceral modernistic take on Alt 90s with the release of “Simplicity III”

Georgetown, TX Alt-Rock powerhouse Tough on Fridays blew us away when they appeared on our radar with their 2-track release “Simplicity II”.

On July 3rd they dropped “Simplicity III” in the style of 7” release with A side and B side singles. Yet, you’ll find that both tracks are equally as evocative and artfully intense. Tough on Fridays brought Alt 90s nuances right into the 21st century with their melodically resolving, lyrically lacerating style.

Track 1, “Lonely Eyes/Pines” may be a piercingly emotional aural experience, but you can’t hold it against Tough on Fridays for hitting you with undiluted apathetic resonance. Seeing as the whole globe has gone through extensive isolation prior to the release, I can only imagine how many people will find themselves in the candidly connectable track.

Track 2, “Out of the Blue (The Deep End)” perfectly follows on from Lonely/Eyes with a slightly amplified sound and an even more visceral angsty bite. There aren’t many tracks which could simultaneously appease fans of L7 and contemporary ennui-laden Pop Punk, but Tough on Fridays discernably succeeded.

You can check out Simplicity III for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Keep up to date with Tough on Fridays’ latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Southampton artist Hail lays down cutting tones in her Alt Rock hit “A Stain in Time”


Fans of cutting Post-Punk tones and intense Alt-Rock aural furore will definitely want to immerse themselves in Southampton-based artist Hail’s latest single “A Stain in Time”.

The rhythmically serpentine hit will throw you right back to the roots of Rock n Roll. While the atmospheric production and the sheer amount of talent in the instrumental arrangement gives A Stain in Time plenty of commercial appeal.

If any artist could be thought of this generation’s Joan Jett, it’s Hail. Hail not only possesses the same absorbing energy as the iconic artist, but she also offers the same piercing pioneering allure as Joan Jett did when she first told us that she loved Rock n Roll in 1981.

A Stain in Time will be available to stream via Spotify upon its official release. In the meantime, you can check out Hail’s earlier releases.

Keep up to date with Hail’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alisabeth Von Presley’s Releases Pop Rock Track – “I’m A Wonder”

If you’ve witnessed such an adrenaline rush that gets you so overwhelmed at the sight of great dive from an Alpine height; a height that’s so far from the level ground but yet irresistibly interesting, and at the same time too dangerous for you not to cower at the thought of trying your confidence. If you have, then you’ll know the feeling that comes forth when you’re transfixed with such a music surge that can make you use a foot stamp to keep yourself aloft in its flawless motion.

Yeah, this song explicitly emits such degree of energy and it’s really interesting to note that the person that wields such a vocal power is no other person but Von Presley.

There’s so much energy in this song and Presley so perfectly worked her magic on this masterpiece making it look like it’s nothing. The sound at the beginning of this song somewhat leaves no clue as to what to expect thereafter.

The beginning of this song gives you that feeling of a perfect EDM and Rock performance whilst the song in its entirety gradually takes a subtle shift to become a well-weaved web in the genre of Pure Rock n Roll music.

This song is amazing on its own, and also unique to every of its attribute. Von Presley’s “I’m a wonder” can be likened to that perfect a soundtrack to an adventurous movie or a theme song can be used in running adverts on television.

For that brand new “Girl Power Song” to rock your ear in a grand style as you await the tidings of this festive period to splurge you with its beautiful aura till it’s officially 2018, then ensure that this song isn’t missing on your new playlist.

It’s actually a very nice song and I’m sure most y’all will be addicted after to trying to check it out the first time.


Madzy – Conflict of Livetress Demo : Listen Up Sonic Youth Fans

As a massive fan of Alternative Rock & Shoegaze this demo struck all the right chords for me. The recording is as rough as it comes. Yet the talent on display is so poignantly raw, that’s a fact that you quickly learn to ignore.

You’re going to want to whack Conflict of Livetress on full volume for the full atmospheric power of the track in which she demonstrates her full rhythmic prowess. Her music is an unashamed nod to her musical influence Thurston Moore, the icon guitar player from Sonic Youth. Even over the heavy reverberation of the guitar you can hear her natural control over the guitar, Madzy is potentially the most talented female guitarist I’ve ever stumbled across. Contending with the likes of Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Nancy Wilson.

When she’s not making her own raucous music, Madzy, or Madeline is found playing guitar for Below Blackstar a band that has become infamous for its Classic Prog Rock Sound mixed with Shoegaze in which Madzy puts her angsty power chords to good use!

You can check out Madzy’s demo via Facebook using the link below: