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London indietronica artist Lily Juniper is anxiously auspicious in her narratively dreamy single, All Mine

After a successful debut in 2022, Lily Juniper enriched the London indie electronica scene with her dreamily dance-leaning sophomore single, All Mine.

The ethereally warm vocals inject as much soul into the production as the softly tensile looped progressions as they wrap the vibrant texture around the affectionately uncertain lyrics, which project the compulsion to solidify a relationship when it is in its early stages of romantic hesitation.

We’ve all been there, not wanting to go all in for fear our vulnerability will lead to our greatest fears. But there’s nothing bittersweet as this Four Tet and James Blake-ESQUE soundscape. All Mine is as rich as Musk in its artful beguile, making the deeply evocative context of romantically anxious edge all the more intoxicating while the indietronica poetry in motion is auspiciously unravelling.

Lily Juniper said:

“All Mine is a song about new love and the nervous energy that it brings, about seeing someone you like at a party and then going home alone, about overthinking everything you said and did, reading into every word and look. All of the best (and worst) moments that humans can experience.”

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


New Folk Trip-Pop artist From Venus makes us all hot with beautiful ‘’Fire’’ single

Oh won’t you please come back to life. Many of us wish for this to happen but sadly it isn’t possible most of the time.

‘From Venus’ is very new in the music scene with only a few songs out. This is a very good song from this soulful artist. A solo musician, who likes being mysterious with her music story. All will be revealed soon if she carries on in this form. 

This is a sad story about a friend and her spiritual journey. I look forward to finding out more about her and what inspires her music. ‘From Venus’ has a promising career, her voice is alluring and is clearly very good lyrically. 2020 hasn’t been such a bad year after all, with fantastic music like this to enjoy.

Hear more from this fantastic new act on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bermuda Angels Release Stunning Single ‘On The Run’

Besides their enticing and enigmatic moniker, Bermuda Angels have a lot to offer to their audience. Their recent single, “On The Run”, is a perfect example of how they managed to create stunning, direct and inspiring sounds that blur the lines between various genres, including indie pop and electronic music.

One of the first elements in this mix that truly grabbed my attention was definitely the great drum machine sound. The tone of the beat feels really powerful and huge, but it never overpowers the mix. On the other hand, it feels balanced and direct, perfectly aligned with the song’s structure and acting as a great backdrop for all the other elements in the mix, including the masterfully executed vocals and the great synth sounds.

The song makes me think of the work of artists such as James Blake, Daughter or Florence and The Machine. The brooding textures and intricate beat patterns create a stunning musical contrast, as darkness and light chase each other in a stunning dance through sound.

Brand new single “Wicked Fever” by JONAH

Watch the ethereal video for JONAH’s “Wicked Fever“. A love story between two very different worlds. A young woman, skates the urban canyons of Hong Kong, as her mind drifts to someone out of her reach. Almost like a wicked, feverish dream.

With their brand new single “ Wicked Fever Angelo Mammone (vocals) and Christian Steenken (guitar) seamlessly cement the success of their breakthrough hit All We Are .” “Wicked Fever” is a road trip through the ins and outs of JONAH’s imagination, the ups and downs of their hearts. A dreamy, cerebral drift, the song keeps us on the brink with an urgent sense that something extraordinary is about to happen. Delve into this visceral soundtrack, composed and brought to life in the remote and wildly romantic landscape of Fuerteventura.

“The song is like that moment before a summer storm,” says front man Angelo Mammone, “when the air is aquiver with anticipation.”

Director André Lewski explains filming: “We flew to Hong Kong on Christmas Eve to start our four-day-hunt for the perfect canvas to our picture. It was also the first time we met our protagonists: Yoonji Seo and her longboard came from South Korea, and Thomasz had already been in town working as a model. We took a cab to aimlessly wander through the city. We kept our eyes open and whenever someone of us had the feeling that a place would be good for the video, we stopped, got out of the car and started shooting.

Everything happened so fast, effortless and instinctive. It felt as if the video was shooting itself and the city of Hong Kong was the director. We feel that the vibe of “Wicked Fever” was perfectly captured by the streets, the actors and the night. It’s all a wicked feverish dream, the vision is noisy, the time is distorted but the feelings are pure and genuine.”

A&R Factory Present: B00TY

The HOLY video was directed by Sadé Clacken Joseph, who recently was awarded by the White House with the 30 under 30 Emerging Carribean American Leaders Award. The video stars Golden Globe nominee and Satellite Award Winner, Sarah Hay and was choreographed by Polish So You Think You Can Dance star, Ida Nowakowska Herndon. The song and video also feature Rhea Dummet, who tours singing with Pharrel Williams and sang on his hit song ‘Happy’.

The electro-soul-funk band of multi-instrumentalists led by joint frontmen Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum have been sparking up dancefloors at 1am in sold-out clubs around their adopted home of Los Angeles since they found each other at UCLA. Their set-up of falsetto swagger, horns, electric violin, and endless keyboards have made them a must-see band around the local scene of East Hollywood and Downtown LA. B00TY are the ideal visceral hedonistic party hang for anyone who wants to channel themselves back to the original vibe of 1970s primetime Sly And The Family Stone via the modern twist of electropop pioneers like Flume and current soul messiah D’Angelo. As you can tell by the name, which they’ve realised bears certain challenging connotations, B00TY don’t take themselves too seriously. They channel a goofball carefree attitude, shared by their comedic heroes. Having released three singles over 2015 and the start of 2016, this summer begins for B00TY with single ‘Holy’, their biggest and boldest statement to date. ‘Holy’ is a swelling, soaring R&B ballad with an indie flavour. It’s the type of drama-heavy, piano/strings-led soul vibe the likes of Jessie Ware, BANKS, and The Weeknd have breathed new life into.

Edan and Adam both came from prolific artistic backgrounds; Edan via San Francisco’s Bay Area following a childhood perfecting the violin, then learning every other instrument he could get his hands on, and Adam from Miami where he grew up obsessing over films, comedy and screenwriting. Both hold down full-time day jobs, Edan producing music for Hollywood (he’s currently working with Sir Anthony Hopkins on a project), Adam writing scripts with a dream to make the major studios some day. By night, however, they’re joined by childhood friend and drummer Connor Irias (who doubles up as a co-producer), guitarist Nick Setter, bassist/horn player Jesse McGinty and back-up singers Rhea Dummett (sings on Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’) and Sadé Clacken Joseph. Via ‘Holy’ the B00TY family seek to further establish themselves on the map as one to watch. The track showcases the mature side to a project that has so far combined B00ty’s musical passions with their constant search for good times, soulful intervention and a relentlessly positive outlook to life on the West Coast. “Improvisation is at the heart of everything we do.”