Bermuda Angels Release Stunning Single ‘On The Run’

Besides their enticing and enigmatic moniker, Bermuda Angels have a lot to offer to their audience. Their recent single, “On The Run”, is a perfect example of how they managed to create stunning, direct and inspiring sounds that blur the lines between various genres, including indie pop and electronic music.

One of the first elements in this mix that truly grabbed my attention was definitely the great drum machine sound. The tone of the beat feels really powerful and huge, but it never overpowers the mix. On the other hand, it feels balanced and direct, perfectly aligned with the song’s structure and acting as a great backdrop for all the other elements in the mix, including the masterfully executed vocals and the great synth sounds.

The song makes me think of the work of artists such as James Blake, Daughter or Florence and The Machine. The brooding textures and intricate beat patterns create a stunning musical contrast, as darkness and light chase each other in a stunning dance through sound.

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