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BINU – Ziggurat: Mozart Couldn’t Write A Better Symphony

The fresh new sound comes from three ridiculously talented instrumental musicians from Austin, Texas. These unsigned artists bring together a delectable mix of instrumental soul & jazz through their arrangement of keyboards, bass and drums. They don’t care to be placed within the confines of a genre, instead they expand their music across every orifice of music until they found their blissful sound which lingers most prominently around the Contemporary Jazz arena. They created more than just lounge music, with a sound that you can forget you’re listening to, BINU offers a touch of dramatism within the sound to make it compelling as any orchestral cacophony.

With Ziggurat, between the three artists, they constructed a mind-blowing piece of music that shines a light in the disparity of contemporary music with one of the most symphonic sounds I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. As the music strips away toward the end of the duration of the track, you’re left revelling on an empyreal high, and the silence that concludes the track is deafening.

Check out their latest tracks on the Bandcamp link below, now available for both streaming and download:


Kind Releases Instrumental Track “Like Love 4”

“Kind” is a seamless, elegant and understated word with only 4 letters, just like love. The concept of this single is absolutely outstanding. I love the textural, pumping atmospheres with some trance-inspired pad tones clashing with powerful 808-style beats.

This is an instrumental electronic hip-hop vibe track that takes the listeners on a very unexpected musical journey. Initially, the song focuses on some lush textures with a new wave flavor, but later, it explores a driven beat inspired by techno and trance music, two of the most deep and textural under currents of EDM. On the other hand, the track also has a stunning interlude, where the song gets considerably quieter, allowing the track to breathe and gain a deeper arrangement.

I love the multi-dimensional sound of this production, and the many instruments in the song really fit well together – from the electronic drum samples to the stunning guitar tones and vocal loops.

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