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UK emcee Denzino & Sifa bring the heat with ‘Red Pirates’

UK emcee Denzino & Sifa bring the heat with ‘Red Pirates‘, a fine Hip Hop release for late 2020.

The sweet piano start puts your mind in the mood, this feel elegant and classy. The sounds of a confident UK rapper is what we are introduced too. This is that fresh sound that has made sure that UK Hip Hop is massive right now globally. This is a hot track with that cruise jam moves that are awaiting for that dance floor.

This is all about doing your own things and avoiding the hype on the internet. You have other things on your mind and you are on a mission to push hard and make that money. Getting the bag is vital right now while also finding the right loyal people to assist you in life.

Red Pirates‘ is one of those Hip Hop songs that really grab you tightly, you are bouncing to the beat and this a top effort from Denzino & Sifa. 

Head through here for the YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Charlotte emcee Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP ‘berri boi’

Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP that strikes up the standard and it’s called ‘berri boi‘.

Released through Space Station Records, this is a fine release that is different from all the wack emcee’s that glorify crime and violence. This is proper Hip Hop and has been carefully crafted for our souls to enjoy. This is all about life, growing up with no money and just trying to survive this wild world. The vocals are crisp like a tasty apple, the beat crunches in your ears and you feel healthy after listening to this quality EP.

My standout tracks here are without doubt ‘Flexberri‘ and ‘Wow‘. I love the beat and the flow is so vivid on these two songs especially in my eyes. His storytelling style is a pleasure to consume and this is the best Hip Hop EP I’ve heard for some time. I love how his energy is so chilled yet his is straight forward with the content. This is all about how crazy the world is and ‘berri boi‘ from Reed is a tasty treat for our ears.

Click here and stream it now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Samy raps about making it big in ‘Make It’

Samy is a French, Algerian and Dutch artist in Toronto who is here with his new track called ‘Make It‘.

This is all about making it in the crazy music world and reaching your dreams. You dream of being on playlists all over the world and getting your music out there. Failure is not an option here, only making it all the way upwards. You know that you can get up there as the music is quality, you just need a small but loyal team to help you get there.

With succulent piano beats at the start, this is a wonderful song to get you in the mood for success. This is dream-life and also reflects about past hero’s in music that you used to look up to. That feeling has gone as you have worked out they are fake. You dream differently now and are fully focused.

I love the vocals here and the chorus is meshed well with different sounds, this is a unique track with substance. Samy will make it and this song shows his quality. ‘Make It‘ is for all those who believe in their talent and really want it.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Blac Owms trip hop onto the stage with ‘Pole Party’

Blac Owms are from San Diego in the United States and they show us mad skills on their new single called ‘Pole Party‘.

These are just two siblings coming back to America from Japan who have put all their faith in Daniel Jacobs to see past the horizon. This track was produced by Baltimore based underground producer Donnie Katana who has produced tracks for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, YBN Nahmir, $not, Ugly God, Comethazine, Night Lovell, Project Pat, Haroinfather, Big Baby Gucci, and many more.

This is a fun trip-hop track that is quick in execution and the flows are quite nice. Hip Hop like this is rare to hear, these two are so talented and rap with vigor. The song is about those nights at the club and how the vibe is, sometimes up and sometimes down.

Pole Party‘ from Blac Owms is a fire track that shows the growing maturity of the talented rap duo.

Here is the Soundcloud link.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Roy Dae speeds in with the the striking ‘One of Them Ones’

Rapper Roy Dae speeds in with his latest effort called ‘One of Them Ones‘.

Former Pro Basketball player and now emcee, Roy Dae, first began to gain traction in the music business with his previous street banger ‘Rolex Diamonds‘. He returns with this new release and shows a growing wordsmith who is very confident in his abilities. He sets the mood here on this one and is worried that a girl wants to tie him down. He is in no mood for this and feels like this is his time.

She wants to be with you so bad but you like being single, this is your moment in the music career and you know you will have time for that later. Things could be bumpy as you are great together but you like being free and partying wherever and whenever you like.

One of Them Ones‘ from rapper Roy Dae flows in with a tight Hip Hip track with lots of trap influences. It will be fascinating to see if this artist evolves or stays with this sound.

Stream here for the Soundcloud link.

Head to his YouTube page to see vids.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Who Is SpiritKid flows in with relationship trouble on ‘Star Struck’ Feat. Nero Osama

Star Struck‘ is the brand new trap-filled Hip Hop song about a breakup from the new hot rapper on the scene, Who Is SpiritKid.

Shane Prickett aka Who Is SpiritKid, a 15-year old emcee from Mobile, Alabama. He has has been making music for 3 years now. His plan and goal is to become the next big Alt Rap artist in the world.

He recently had a breakup and things got a bit crazy after that. According to Who Is SpiritKid, his ex falsely accused him of being toxic publicly on Instagram and claimed that he bought her expensive things to make up for it when in reality she was using him for those things.

Star Struck‘ from Who Is SpiritKid Feat. Nero Osama is a fine new song from the young rapper. He tells his story quite well and the vocals show frustration with what happened. A learning curve for the talented youngster who will learn from this and grow.

Stream here to hear this song on Soundcloud.

Head through to the Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Texas singer Ferrante returns with love story on ‘When Reality Kicks In’

When Reality Kicks In‘ from Ferrante is a fantastic young singer-songwriter that pulls on our hearts strings here on his new track.

Coming out of Dallas in Texas, Ferrante is emerging from the young generation with his vocal delivery that makes the hair on your arms and back stand up to attention. He is soulful without being cocky, this is a genuine musician with bags of talent.

When Reality Kicks In‘ is all about telling the story about leaving someone behind and ending a relationship. This is a sad time but sometimes it has to be done. Ferrante wants to be together with this person but the time has come to end it. He tried to make it work but eventually things just had to end. He wasn’t happy with some things and this is something that we can all relate to.

Dallas singer Ferrante streams in with a fab track full of realness. ‘When Reality Kicks In‘ is an indie-rap track with R&B sugar coating that is sure to leave you wanting more to taste.

Stream here to hear this fine new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Marshall Stannus lusts for love but not yet on indie-pop ”Friends”

After reviewing ”Springbreakers”, ”Euphoria” and now ”Friends”, Australian indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus rolls in with next track and 3rd single of 2020.

The mysteriously brilliant Melbourne artist is certainly bringing out some quality content during these covid-19 times. Music is flowing and this is up there with his best songs so far. His vocal delivery and hard-hitting style that catches your attention is back.

Friends” finds Marshall in a good place for a while before we are lowered into the story of wanting to be friends but also needing that alone time. This is a new artist inside as realizes that this is his path and if something is in the way, he needs to let go and grow. Inside however, you keep looking at your phone thinking briefly if it was the right decision.

Melbourne, Australia Indie rapper-singer Marshall Stannus brings his a-game on this Hip Hop crunched beat ”Friends” that is an excellent track from the Australian performer on the rise.

Stream this new song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Nico Collu Smashes The Monolithic Task of Recording 8 Angelic Indie Rap Tracks in Just 16 Days

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a Copenhagen accent, but damn Nico Collu’s sensational masterpiece Harmony featuring Sebastian stole a little bit of my soul before the track even faded out. I’ll try not to fangirl all over this review. But how can you not fall in love with a mix angelically soaring acoustic guitar with an almost twee Rap flow and some sweet Indie Pop vocals?!

Harmony was just one of the tracks released as part of the stunning artists latest album where he pushed his creative boundaries and committed to creating 8 tracks in just 16 days. Contemplating how he was able to orchestrate such a masterpiece of an album in such a short space of time almost leaves me speechless, but what I will say is check out Harmony, along with the rest of Nico Collu’s album on SoundCloud using the link below:

You’re going to want to subscribe to Nico Collu’s YouTube channel which follows the seemingly impossible process of recording 8 tracks in 16 days:

Review by Amelia Vandergast