Creative choreography is back: South India’s The Fortune (ft. Lucia Valdes) drop vibrant video ‘Not Here For You’

Southern India duo The Fortune brings their blend of R&R-Soul to uplift the morbid mood of the world with their official video for ‘Not Here For You‘ (ft. Lucia Valdes). With dance moves that are only for those with supple hips, the exciting song reflects the electric energy of this close knit duo who love to support the underdog artist.

Kerala, India based classically trained pianist Dr Dhananj Shivganesh and sound engineer Nikhil Pradip are the creative masterminds of this project and they support the underground music scene and unearthing diamonds in the rough that have not been found. Until now that is. Music is alive and well in a country that is slowly becoming a music mecca.

The dancing and choreography is exquisitely done and the vocals shine through like a sunny day outside. The beat is a pleasurable listen and this is a spectacular song that you just can’t get enough of.

A story all about not dancing for anyone else is portrayed and this is example for all of us out there. We often get wrapped up about worrying about impressing others due to the comparable nature of social media which is the opposite of what we actually should be doing. Dancing a way of self-expression and The Fortune (ft. Lucia Valdes) fuse this track tightly that young and old need to see on ‘Not Here For You’. You are here for yourself, your family and close friends after all and being free and enjoying looking at yourself in the mirror humbly, is the way to go.

See the video here on their YouTube page, hear more on Spotify and see their IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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