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The story of running away: Closer Than Strangers show their brilliance on the indie-folk gem ‘When I Say Go’

Brother and sister acoustic rock duo Closer Than Strangers return with the soulfully deep indie-folk single ‘When I Say Go’. Taken off their last album called ‘Broken Things’, this is beautifully described story of trying to help someone close when they are in need of a kind face.

With Charlotte performing her wonderful skills on cello and Greg displaying his quality vocals matched with an exciting guitar style, these tow form a formidable team that make such sweet music together.

Their music plans of 2020 were dashed of course due to this horrid pandemic but the family duo have huge goals to record a new album, and tour as much as possible in 2021.

The acoustic melody starts right away as the beautiful sounds emerge from the bed of the story. That feeling when you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or awake is so vivid as you snap back to reality from The Matrix. She is right next to you, broken and cold from running in the night. You want to help but humans will only really listen if they really want to.

His voice is so honest and is such a splendid storyteller. This is the tale of how a small town can break you down and make you feel lost. You want to follow and when they are happy in a new town, you will join them and perhaps you can be together.

Their partnership is unbreakable as Closer Than Strangers bring us an absolute gem on ‘When I Say Go’. Sometimes you need to get out of where you are to fully grow and blossom into what you want to be in life. Having a kind soul there too does help but so does finding your own path, and learning who you really are inside.

Hear this lovely song on Spotify and follow the family duo on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Showing a humorously honest side in tough times: Berlin’s Grizzly Bird drop funny visuals for ‘The Drummer’s Trauma’

The elevator door slides gently open, the burning creativity has returned after two years of a hiatus away from writing, and the story begins again. The Music Shop is the home of this Indie-Folk experience that certainly wets the appetite of our eyes and ears. Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird return to the airwaves of the world with their hilarious music video, named ‘The Drummer’s Trauma‘ which was produced by Cameron James Laing at The Famous Gold Watch studios in Berlin.

His voice shows the pain of life at work, it seems like a great idea but now he is growing tired of this charade. This is a funny video with the main character getting hassled all the time and waking up in sweats from the stress. The cheeky chorus is very cleverly constructed to make you sway around with a smile on yourself, reflecting on previous experiences with some musicians that didn’t make a good impression.

A mellow Indie-Folk flow that is formulated so neatly, the energy gets you to tap your feet and sing too, always a sign of a terrific song. The melody is filled with a vivid sense up humour, the chilled guitar makes you smile and this is a fun song to listen to. The percussion keeps ticking over, and the honest track is terrifically meshed together to put the listener into the mind of a business owner, who is tired of dealing with petty problems that engulfs his mind.

The Drummer’s Trauma‘ from Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird, is such an entertaining video with an end that is out of The Walking Dead at times. This is a return to the music scene, and a fresh start to greater heights awaits.

See the video here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Keeping the night from ending: Lovable Devon family indie-folk band KoCapoli sing of better days ahead on ‘Sun Don’t Rise’

Devon/Brighton based indie-folk act KoCapoli are back with more beautiful melodies on their latest single ‘Sun Don’t Rise‘.

Twin sisters Alice, Kit and brother Billy, have been performing since they were youngsters and being in a band was always the plan. Their family has grown a bit bigger recently and they have brought in their friends Robin on drums and Ben on bass. With funk, folk, soul, and alternative sounds all woven into one, this is an outfit that make sweet music that leaves you wanting more treats to fill up your empty heart.

This is the story of wanting that special night to last just a bit more and longing for this to happen. You are with friends or lovers and don’t want it to end as everything is so perfect. This is that rare moment when the stars align just right and everything blends in your heart as you smile so bright and you don’t want the day to come, only the night.

The twin’s vocals are so pure and heartfelt and the mellow guitar adds a layer of sweetener to make this is a warm cuppa tea for the battered heart, tired of being locked inside and lonely. This is exactly what we need more of in the world; dreams and desires instead of gloom and doom that does nothing to help.

This is a lively band that has so much fun together and loves a good laugh and each other’s company while attempting to make Instagram videos. Their laughter is infectious (in a good way) and this type of happy energy is transported into their music.

South Devon/Brighton based KoCapoli miss each other a lot as they are separated due to current times but hopefully their bond has grown even stronger. ‘Sun Don’t Rise’ is a caring story of love and has been released like a caged bird, to bless us when we needed it most. Life is about being with those we care about most after all.

Hear this piece of calming beauty via their Spotify and find out more about the band on their IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Taking control of her own destiny: Ireland’s Alice Lynskey sings with soul on ‘The Reason’

With a sweeping start that has you hooked like a fish on a line, her voice takes you to place that few artist have the ability to transport your heart to. Wexford based singer-songwriter Alice Lynskey is a class above and does it in a style that is so comforting on her new single named ‘The Reason‘.

In a world full of fakes, its so refreshing to hear an artist who puts her heart and soul into every word, her energy is one of strength and resolve- you get the feeling that she likes to take charge of her own life. Sitting back and expecting things to happen is an attitude that is foreign to this outrageously talent singer, who has also worked hard to refine her style.

This is about taking charge and putting yourself in control of your destiny- a message that every human in the world needs to hear. With a boatload of gigs and festivals planned for 2020, reality hit hard with cancellations and the tough got going. Finishing up those long-awaited recordings was now the way and this will be beneficial in the long-term for the young Irish singer.

“The Reason is a song about looking life in the eye. We hope and dream that, depending on where we are in life, things will change or stay the same. That we will be lucky and happy. We convince ourselves that things will change. However sometimes we need to take a breath, stand up and look life straight in the eye. It’s the only way to see the reason why we are where we are and then have the ability to change it” – Alice Lynskey

The Reason‘ from Alice Lynskey is a guiding light to those who need inspiration and the quality is so clear to see as she effortlessly reaches for her greater self in exhilarating fashion.

Find this excellent new single set for release on November 18th via Soundcloud and show support on her Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Husband and Wife make beauty together: Seattle based Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder calm our anxiety with ‘Trouble In Time’

Lockdown 2020 has been a horrible and deadly experience for so many in this torrid year. However, through sadness and misery, light and love makes its way through the smoggy smoke and gives us a massive and well-needed hug. Husband and Wife Indie-Folk duo Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder are the architects of this revival with their latest song called ‘Trouble In Time‘.

The Seattle based duo have a gift of love and this new song pictures this year so perfectly. Things have so hard but we must remember the beauty that is still left in the world. Looking for the positive elements is a much-needed message of hope and speaks the truth.

With a stunningly pure voice and top quality guitar melodies that make you listen twice, Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder are clearly at one with their relationship and make an incredible real team. This is a song to just turn on and reflect with, this is Indie-Folk at its very best.

Better days are on the way and ‘Trouble In Time‘ is a reflection on current events that is so eloquently sent forth to help all of our lonely hearts.

To hear this beautiful song go to Soundcloud and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Tyler Cohen – How I Feel: Confessionally Captivating Dark Americana Folk Pop

Tyler Cohen’s latest single ‘How I Feel’ is a confessional Americana Folk Pop masterpiece. Winding bluesy notes coalesce with cold, choppy, jarring chord progressions to create a deeply ardent instrumental arrangement which Tyler Cohen’s vocals eventually join.

If you could imagine Jack Johnson on his darkest day, you’d be close to the mark getting an idea of the alluring magnetism in Tyler Cohen’s melancholy. There’s a slight gothic tinge to the wistfully lovelorn track, but the soul which emanates from the vocals harmoniously cuts right through giving How I Feel a dreamy Southern Americana air.

You can check out Tyler Cohen’s single How I Feel via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Timothy Jaromir keeps us dancing in the ‘Afterglow’.

For ‘Afterglow’, Timothy Jaromir has revisited the stunning collaboration of Americana-Folk project Goldschatz with his Canadian-born wife Rykka to gorgeous effect.

A perfect, beautiful mix of folk, blues, Americana, and mildly jazzy indie-pop, ‘Afterglow’ stomps along on a bouncy, reverb-washed drum-beat and bassline before kicking-in in full on the dreamily catchy chorus.

Rykka’s sublime vocal intertwines around Jaromir’s lead, swirling keyboards, and guitar, the whole thing wrapping itself around you like a comfort-giving blanket, warming and soothing whilst lifting your heart and dragging a smile to even the most lockdown-sick of faces. This is total, exquisite feel-good folk-pop that simply cannot fail to delight, enliven, and revitalise even the most world-weary of souls.

Hear ‘Afterglow’ on Timothy Jaromir’s Facebook page, or follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle’

Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle‘ and this is a wonderful indie-folk masterpiece that soothes the soul from all worries.

This is the 2nd single from the new upcoming full album ‘Some Kind of Holiday‘, this exciting track dropped on November 20th. A song that you can’t help but like, the layers are so lovely here and the lyrics are so wonderful. This is half poetry, half singing and this style is so fun to listen to.

Ship in a Bottle‘ from Michael Golden is such a pleasant surprise to the ears and heart. He sings with such meaning and this is a peaceful single that brings us back to the good times of music, those times where you can relax and reflect while looking into the ocean. The seas are very high right now in the world but this is a new single that calms the waters and throws us a life-jacket to save ourselves. A true modern day classic this and the incredible vocals and cello are a wonder to listen to.

Click here for the YouTube music video.

Head through to the Insta page.

Find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Million Miles’ by Indie-Folk act Alex Anthony Band is a true tale about moving forward in life

Million Miles‘ by Indie-Folk act Alex Anthony Band is a true tale about moving forward in life and to not let anyone hold you down. The world is wild enough and there is no time for doubters but you feel like you need to leave your current situation.

Taken off the recently released 7 track album ‘Lets Get Some Sleep‘, this is a lovely single that weaves into your heart like a cozy and well-fitted jersey made by Gran for Christmas. This is the type of song that has been missing in 2020 and we are in for a treat- without the trick.

After one of his songs was picked up by CBS’s The Young and the Restless, life changed for Alex and this shows you to follow your dreams. You just never know what is out there in this crazy life. With his band mates with him for this journey, you feel like Alex is in the right place now and doesn’t need to move away and find a new town.

Alex Anthony Band are fantastic on ‘Million Miles‘ and this is an effort to savor. The lyrics are made from real stories of life and the band are in full flow. This is that top drawer type of music that makes you think, heals your heart and deserves to be heard.

Click here for the Soundcloud page to hear this fine track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Wyler Wolf delivers celestial accordance with their Indie Folk debut ‘Heaviest Hand’

Indigenous Kahnawake artist Wyler Wolf has made a rapturously resolving debut with their Alt-Indie Folk single “Heaviest Hand” which unravels like a rhythmically-enticing lullaby.

With a celestially accordant air behind the production and the sheer amount of compassion from Wyler Wolf’s vocals, don’t be surprised if you need to fight back tears once you hit play. The resounding hum of Wyler Wolf’s vocals against the absorbing depth of sonically-enticing soundscape offers a seriously wounding evocative potency. But with the mindfully restorative nature of Heaviest Hand, you can consider it part of a healing process.

The chances of hearing the same meditative solace if you turned on the radio today are about the same as winning the lottery. Which, ironically is exactly how I feel for stumbling across this stunning beyond all definition single.

Heaviest Hand is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast