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Breaking the walls: LA’s Shidasp beats his now-broken demons and courageously releases ‘Painting Warmth’

painting warmth by shidasp

After experiencing heightened anxiety due to this horrific pandemic, Shidasp decided he needed to create and turned his life around via the healing nature of music, through his debut single called ‘Painting Warmth‘.

Shidasp is a brave indie-electronic/pop artist from lively Los Angeles, California who has stepped out of his comfort zone to send the world a message of hope.

With drums from his friend and housemate Omar Khan, this is a marvelous DIY effort that has helped his mind settle after feeling overwhelmed from all the bad news on TV and dealing with this wild time of confusion.

Through his love of music and the inner belief that he could achieve something-while distracting himself from reality, he has opened up a treasure map within himself, to find fond memories and will surely never look back.

The words are hard to hear at first but that is the point. When your mind is unsure and cloudy, you need to close your eyes and let your senses take over control, so you can retrain your brain, to walk through the mist and find sunshine again.

Painting Warmth‘ from new LA indie musician Shidasp, is a message of hope that you can indeed break the walls of your mind and walk free again, so you can follow your dreams down an exciting path of new adventures that are eagerly waiting for you to explore.

We can’t control a lot of things in life but our attitude and bravery are two elements that we can. Meshed with that much-needed love, perhaps that is all we really need to have a fulfilling life after all.

Warm up your heart with this touching effort on Bandcamp and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Coronavirus inspired sounds: The Brown Fox heal through music as they ‘Take No More’

With the throbbing pain from this horrible pandemic getting too much, The Brown Fox’sTake No More‘, is a gripping story that needs to be heard, to help others out there who are feeling the mountain on their shoulders, weighing down on them mightily.

Mark Brown was in a scary spiral downwards recently but luckily due to the inspiration of his loving wife who has been battling terribly with her health and their two kids, he found a way to put the bottle down for a while and make a song that might only happen one time, but already means the world to them as a family.

The former music novice decided enough was enough and aided by his wife’s lovely vocals, a chord sheet book, a free piano, a laptop and a copy of Ableton Live I, Mark got the job done by making a song that he thought was probably impossible a few week prior. When you love someone so much and know you need help, its incredible what the human heart can create.

The enlightening electronic beat perfectly encapsulates the mood of his country as this video shows the heartbreak, misery, riots, protests and unrest, due to the current leaders not doing enough at the start. The tremendous beat has you uplifted however, as you do think that better days are ahead, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The Brown Fox’sTake No More‘ will leave your eyes watering softly, as you enter into their world and find out what months of hard times can do to a human being, who was calling out for help. Music has shown that it does indeed heal and through this wonderful song, this experience shall lead to healthier times.

Find this inspiring story about how music heals all on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Margot White – Face to Face: Artfully Distinctive Electronic Indie Pop

Up and coming Electronic Indie Pop artist Margot White recently made her debut with the unforgettable playfully ominous earworm “Face to Face”.

With Margot White’s experimentalism and infectious attitude combined, my mind quickly pulled reminiscences between hers and Peaches’  unapologetically expressive Pop. But you’ll also find spacey innovative influences from artists such as Bjork which allows Face to Face to fall under the label of artistic instead of alternative.

It really is no surprise that so many people have been drawn to Margot White’s sultry succinct sound. Comparisons may be there to iconic artists, yet that iconic feel is all too perceptible within Face to Face.

You can check out Margot White’s debut single Face to Face along with the follow-up EP “I Saw It On the Radio” for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A&R Factory Present: Maya Payne

Maya Payne - Unsigned - A&R Factory

Having topped the iTunes electronic charts and Spotify viral charts from New Zealand to Poland, with her track “If Only” in 2015, Kiwi teen Maya Payne was then invited to support Charlie XCX in her one off New Zealand show before heading into the studio to work on her Debut EP, “The Lucky Ones” due out Friday May 13th.

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, newly turned 19 year old, Maya Payne has been singing since she was six and writing songs since she was 11. Her early tracks have had significant radio play in New Zealand, on both pop and alternative stations, with her track “If Only” also becoming a regular fixture on music TV in both New Zealand and Canada. Writing her own songs and working closely with a producer team including a new talent from her home town, MCHNCL ( Kabyn Walley ), as well as Josh Fountain ( Golden Age studios, Auckland)/Leasure and Kostas Kalimeris ( Blackrock Studios, Santorini)/ Justin Bieber, Bring me the Horizon.

Mayas last three releases have made Spotify’s New Music Friday’s best new releases charts Worldwide. Including Spotify USA, Germany, Scandinavia and Australia/NZ. Maya makes and releases her music through her own Record Label, Rolley Records.