Coronavirus inspired sounds: The Brown Fox heal through music as they ‘Take No More’

With the throbbing pain from this horrible pandemic getting too much, The Brown Fox’sTake No More‘, is a gripping story that needs to be heard, to help others out there who are feeling the mountain on their shoulders, weighing down on them mightily.

Mark Brown was in a scary spiral downwards recently but luckily due to the inspiration of his loving wife who has been battling terribly with her health and their two kids, he found a way to put the bottle down for a while and make a song that might only happen one time, but already means the world to them as a family.

The former music novice decided enough was enough and aided by his wife’s lovely vocals, a chord sheet book, a free piano, a laptop and a copy of Ableton Live I, Mark got the job done by making a song that he thought was probably impossible a few week prior. When you love someone so much and know you need help, its incredible what the human heart can create.

The enlightening electronic beat perfectly encapsulates the mood of his country as this video shows the heartbreak, misery, riots, protests and unrest, due to the current leaders not doing enough at the start. The tremendous beat has you uplifted however, as you do think that better days are ahead, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The Brown Fox’sTake No More‘ will leave your eyes watering softly, as you enter into their world and find out what months of hard times can do to a human being, who was calling out for help. Music has shown that it does indeed heal and through this wonderful song, this experience shall lead to healthier times.

Find this inspiring story about how music heals all on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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