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Roots revivalist, David Place, paid warming ode to his ‘Honky Tonk Woman’

Femme fatale tracks always seem to veer into a soullessly predictable direction, but David Place steered Honky Tonk Woman into a far sweeter territory, armed with no more than a Taylor acoustic, Americana-roots-emanating vocal cords and a sense of romanticism that could turn any cynic.

Five albums down and international touring stripes gained, the Melbourne-born, Italy-based artist knew just how to capture his audience through Honky Tonk Woman; the ingeniously metaphorical lyrics resound just as much as the bluesy finger-picked notes.

The official music video for Honky Tonk Woman is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Indie-soul singer Evan Meulemans mainlines optimism into his latest single, Morning Fades.

US singer-songwriter Evan Meulemans’ fresh fusion sound is a cocktail of indie, reggae, Americana, blues, and his authentic brand of soul. If his sound has evaded you so far, his single, Morning Fades, is the most affable introduction to his meaningful approach to music.

With his effortless out-reaching bluesy indie vocals falling into a Grammy-worthy instrumental score that will instantly melt fans of Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen and Cas Hayley, Morning Fades leaves you questioning how Meulemans isn’t already a household name.

Like all his music, Morning Fades compels the listener to find the beauty in what can often feel like a loveless world. His advocation for harnessing love, creating balance and seeking contentment and connection is exactly what we need on the airwaves. Especially given the timeless resound of his optimistically-rendered sound.

Morning Fades is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vanedergast

We Danced To The Music: David Goundry remembers those incredible days on ‘Fire and Water’

Taken off his sterling six-track debut EP named ‘Time and Place‘ which was produced by the legendary Nick Sykes, David Goundry sounds so inspired as he sings with such meaningful gusto and love on ‘Fire and Water‘.

David Goundry is a former semi-retired UK-based indie blues singer-songwriter. After almost putting his guitar away for good, a chance meeting with Nick helped him get over his unfortunate divorce in 2017. From there, making music again and working with such a positive force, has really helped him find a new lease of life and the results are quite astounding.

Reminiscent and inspired by the singer songwriters of the 70’s, Fire and Water encapsulates folksy finger picking , blues rock riffs aligned to melodic singing which evoke the feel of the analogue era.” ~ David Goundry

As he sings with such a distinct tone that washes peacefully all over your awaiting body – you feel that he is such a wonderful talent – who is now getting the chance to show the world his incredible artistry. This is the ultimate underdog, a man lost for a while as he struggled to locate his inner compass after such a devastating heartbreak – but came back strongly and is has now found redemption in the best possible way.

Fire and Water‘ by the highly inspired UK indie blues artist David Goundry, is that that warm analogue sound reminder from those classic days back in the 60’s and 70’s. He reminisces about those memorable best days that he ever had, as their love was so strong and he recalls every second so vividly. These sweet moments together may have past by like a train in the wind, but they shall be cherished fondly forever.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his journey to finding that happiness again on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Takar Nabam mixes up East and West with his poetic new single ‘Ashes’

The tribal region of Arunchal Pradesh in India might not be the first place you think of when looking for guitar’s ‘next-big-thing’, but Takar Nabam – already named in Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Top Five Guitar Players in India’ in 2020 – is absolutely at the forefront of innovative, convention-defying guitarists with his deep, instinctual understanding of both his instrument and his voice. Nabam demonstrates a deep respect and foundation in the musical traditions of his own culture whilst mixing in elements of contemporary blues and roots greats such as John Mayer, Tom Minsch, and slide supremo Derek Trucks.

Nabam’s 2018 album, ‘This Home, That Home’, garnered rave reviews, including featuring on Apple Music’s ‘Top Ten Indian Releases’ and Rolling Stone’s ‘Top Ten Summer Songs’; Nabam now returns with his new single ‘Ashes’. Born from Nabam’s collected life experiences, and mixing up all of those guitar-playing influences, ‘Ashes’ is a deep, meaningful, and mellow track that never lacks in power, authority, or lyrical poetry. Betraying Nabam’s deep understanding of blues and rock, but with a clear jazz and eastern tinge too. It’s a beautiful, gentle track which is at the same time expressive, calming, and uplifting. We’re looking forward to hearing more of Nabam’s new work later this year.

Check out the video for ‘Ashes’ on YouTube, and look Takar Nabam up on Apple Music or Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

Leifer brought the James Dean appeal to indie blues pop with their latest single ‘Say You’re Mine’

Leifer may be just one of the artists bringing blues into the mainstream by packaging it into sweet accessible alt-indie soundscapes, but the amorously archaic kick behind the grooves in his latest single, ‘Say You’re Mine’ hit like no other.

I’m not even sure if James Dean himself could have proclaimed to be as smooth as this melodically-crafted, funk-layered feat of deeply sensual neo-soul. The sense of intimacy seems to breathe through the polished production which finds the perfect balance between modernity and aural nostalgia. If you can imagine what the male equivalent to Amy Winehouse would sound like, you can get an idea of what is in store once you hit play.

Say You’re Mine is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Melbourne band The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe’

The Ugly Kings offer us a gritty blues journey on ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘ and this is a top new track that has that real edge to it.

Sunny Melbourne in Australia is the home of the fantastic 4 piece band and they are a energy and emotional roller coaster ride. They hit all the heights and are such a terrific listen. There are such dazzling bass lines here that make this is a song to jam to. This is best experienced with the crew in the house, rocking out to the epic new tune.

This is all about being in your town for the last time, this time. You want to get out of there and meet a special friend for that last night. Or is it? You might return but for now you are here and making the best of the moment.

Australia’s The Ugly Kings bring us a marvelous track called ‘Last Night Stand Of Sins Deluxe‘. With a pure power blues feel, you get the injection of glorious music in your body the whole way through. This is an absolute winner and one of the best blues tracks of 2020.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Here is the Bandcamp page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kenan Davis has made a tenderly mesmerising Indie debut with “Real Thing”

22-year-old Austin singer-songwriter Kenan Davis made their debut on October 9th with their tenderly resolving single “Real Thing”. I already know that it’s going to be a track to turn to whenever I need a portent hit of emotion.

I’ve listened to more love songs than I’ve had hot dinners, but I can’t say I’ve ever come across an artist who was able to so easily draw you in by their debut release. There’s an assured and mature feel to the soundscape, but the vocals resonate with humility and a sincerity that’s so scarce on the airwaves that I’m surprised there isn’t a black market for it.

If you’re always on the hunt for smooth soulful indie hits which hit the evocative spot, prepare to melt into the gorgeously-produced soundscape which allows you to feel every ounce of emotion projected into the dreamy tonally-resolving release.

You can check out Kenan Davis’ debut single Real Thing for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nash brings us a tale of indie-pop pureness with ‘Every Time’

Nash brings us a tale of indie-pop pureness with ‘Every Time‘ that strides through into our ears.

After growing up in Moscow in a family of music lovers, music was Nash’s guide to life, helping him interpret, define and view the world. In a post-Soviet Russia, where rapid political and social changes produced a tense and aggressive atmosphere, Nash referred to music to cope with his emotional and sensitive nature. He listened to the likes of The Beatles and The White Stripes, and was massively influenced by their melodic sentiment and sound. He soon know what he had to do.

A move from Moscow to London followed and greatly inspired the talented singer-songwriter to do what he knows he came for. Play music and get a foot into the world of the legendary venues all over the City. This was the mission and he was ready now. His time to shine.

Every Time‘ is that road trip favorite, you like like play it on loud and get lost into the quality musicianship. This is an artist who has moved countries and found his home now. The way he sings is so pure and you just know he has amazing stories of playing live all over the lands. Nash brings us his story of being hard on himself but still has hope and this is sung so well. He has the seen the light and is now flourishing.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vicious Fishes bring their introspective indie bite to ‘That Girl’

That Girl‘ is the brand new indie-blue track from the exciting band with the awesome name called Vicious Fishes.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Vicious Fishes‘, the band are in full form here. This is an outfit who are at one with themselves and they play with such a smooth bluesy style that makes you relax. I love how the song breaks up in a 5 minute masterclass.

With the full moon high, you want her to be your girl. You lust for her and just want to be in her arms. The passion is there between you both and the lights are low, with candles in the room. Will this love story end the way you want it to or will you be apart forever?

Vicious Fishes impress highly on this fine new track that certainly cleans the airwaves with beautiful sounds on ‘That Girl‘.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gentlemen’s Crow has released their psychologically thrilling experimental Indie single “You Were Never Really Here”

After a successful debut, Floridian Indie artist Gentlemen’s Crow released their romantically enrapturing single “You Were Never Really Here” on August 7th.

Gentlemen’s Crow seems to exude the level of cool which Alex Turner attempted with the latest Arctic Monkeys album. It’s effortless, it’s intellectual, it’s simply mesmerising. With infusions of Psych Blues nuances into the anthemically-charged soundscape, the choruses won’t fail to leave you adrenalized.

As for the lyrics and concept for the track, You Were Never Really Here is a testament to the talent, imagination and wit of the artist. It’s not every day that you encounter a single which offers both a psychological thriller and a fresh-new Indie sound. Gentlemen’s Crow is well worth putting on your radar.

You can check out You Were Never Really Here for yourselves by heading over to Spotify. For more info, you can head over to the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast