Indie-soul singer Evan Meulemans mainlines optimism into his latest single, Morning Fades.

US singer-songwriter Evan Meulemans’ fresh fusion sound is a cocktail of indie, reggae, Americana, blues, and his authentic brand of soul. If his sound has evaded you so far, his single, Morning Fades, is the most affable introduction to his meaningful approach to music.

With his effortless out-reaching bluesy indie vocals falling into a Grammy-worthy instrumental score that will instantly melt fans of Jack Johnson, Brett Dennen and Cas Hayley, Morning Fades leaves you questioning how Meulemans isn’t already a household name.

Like all his music, Morning Fades compels the listener to find the beauty in what can often feel like a loveless world. His advocation for harnessing love, creating balance and seeking contentment and connection is exactly what we need on the airwaves. Especially given the timeless resound of his optimistically-rendered sound.

Morning Fades is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vanedergast

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