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Azure Wolf delivers strident poetry in their indie power-pop ballad, You Belong to Me.

The Winchester, VA indie rock outfit, Azure Wolf, have released their debut album, Tensions. Within the ten tracks, they have practically covered the entire emotional spectrum.

After starting with the shoegaze masterpiece, Black Fur, which captures the alienation in dissociation, the album flows into affectionately strident poetry with the standout single, ‘You Belong to Me’.

Around the shimmering guitars, Victoria Backle’s vocals pour unadulterated emotion into the mix as she proves what unconditional love looks like in the indie power-pop ballad that leaves you with no question about the authenticity of this ingenuity-powered outfit. With the folk, rock, pop and indie nuances all seamlessly infused, You Belong to Me breathes visceral alchemy.

Azure Wolf’s debut album, Tensions, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Unravel with a.patrick’s consoling modern masterpiece, fray

From the instant you hit play on the Minneapolis vocalist, pianist and producer, a.patrick’s, latest single, fray, your senses surrender to the ethereal quiescence that ensues through this modern masterpiece.

His artful neo-classic style is enough to bring tears to the surface as his accordant harmonies echo above his distinguished piano melodies that carry little, if any, assimilation. The way he leaves himself exposed through his lyrics and gentle vocal presence is enough to feel you feeling just as emotionally naked.

As someone who frequently finds themselves drawn to melancholia in music, I can earnestly say that you’d struggle to find another soundscape as captivating and consoling in equal measure as this beautifully scorned lullaby.

Fray is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Giovan has made a haunting debut with ‘Listen to My Demons’ featuring Aria Chablis King.

‘Listen to My Demons’ is the hauntingly introspective debut single from LA alt-indie artist Giovan. The tender ballad pulls in neo-classic nuances that run right alongside contemporary, artful styling that we hope will become synonymous with the Guatemalan-American singer-songwriter’s sound.

Listen to My Demons is easily the best duet released since Alex Cameron’s collaboration with Angel Olsen. Aria Chablis King’s quiescently vulnerable vocals bring an intense depth to the release. You won’t get much choice when it comes to falling into the pensive command of the release that is constructed with intricate piano progressions and layered vocals that conceptually never harmonise.

Giovan orchestrates music to help pull people through the hardest times in their lives; it is safe to say he succeeded in his debut. The way he brings beauty to the raw and alienating concept of your demons being your only friends amplifies the signal that you are never alone in your loneliness. Our superficial reality practically enforces it. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for his sophomore release.

Listen to My Demons will officially release on June 25th; you can check it out for yourselves via Spotify or Giovan’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava is set to release their artfully intimate indie ballad ‘Tonight’

Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava

‘Tonight’ is the latest single from Cyprus-based singer-songwriter, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava, if you’ve felt like you’ve been left in isolation with disappointment and broken promises recently, you’re sure to find resonance in the artfully intimate indie single.

Tonight may have been their first ballad, but it exhibits an uninhibited songwriting style which doesn’t fail to draw you into the relatability of their music. It becomes so much more than just listening to one man’s account of suffering, through the lack of vocal and lyrical restraint, you experience a call for connection which allowing this single to run through answers.

Wistful emotion resounds within the glassy distorted classical guitar progressions, art-rock keys and Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava’s vocals which transition from low reverberant quiescence to arresting highs in turn with the progressive instrumentals.

Producer, Ant Tarrant, left a nuanced bedroom-indie feel to the soundscape, inviting you into the same room where the inspiration for Tonight struck. Tonight captures the loneliness of AM hours where all you have for company are empty promises. Any fans of Kaz Hawkins, RY X, Anathema and Radiohead will want Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava’s name on their radar – especially with the promise of a forthcoming debut EP.

Tonight will be available to stream on Spotify from March 6th, 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nick Bohle – Cold Room: A Chillingly Disparate Depiction of Lonliness

‘Cold Room’ is the sophomore release from American Indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Bohle, you might want to grab a jumper before you hit play, describing the single as ‘chilling’ seems like a crass understatement.

The dark indie ballad offers so much more than the introspection alluding to loss and loneliness, you will feel those very same isolated agonised emotions crawl beneath your ribs as Cold Room cinematically cruises through its progressions.

Nick Bohle’s experience as an acclaimed actor discernibly bled into the soundscape which unravels as theatrical aural storm, yet with the sleek and atmospheric production, even when Cold Room hits its most tremulous peak it remains mellifluous and simply mesmeric.

You can check out Cold Room for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Craymo offers the aural antidote to seasonal depression with ‘December Rain’

As we approach one of the most daunting Decembers in living memory, music which reflects our melancholy and offers understanding is more valuable than ever, making up and coming Indie artist Craymo’s Indie ballad ‘December Rain (Carol of Love)’ utterly priceless.

December Rain is just one of the tracks to feature on their dynamic 5-track EP ‘Love Power’ which explores the multifaceted nature of Love. In this release, Craymo illustrates the terrifying vulnerability which interlaces with the prospect of love which can easily override our need for affectionate warmth.

The piano-led arrangement which any Elton John fans will adore may be tender, but that tenderness doesn’t hinder the sonorous blows which the sentiment poetically delivers.

Listen to December Rain via Spotify.


Review by Amelia Vandergast

KAIS – Take Me Home: A Provocatively Tender Indie Rock Ballad for the Homesick

Indie artist KAIS has moved from strength to strength throughout their accoladed career, after quite literally putting their birthplace of Jordan on the map, they’ve started to garner plenty of International hype for their provocatively intuitive approach to production.

With every note placed to sting and draw emotion, their single “Take Me Home”, serves as the perfect introduction to the artist’s tenderly resolving sound.

With hints of Post Punk lingering in the progressive Indie Rock Ballad, there’s a chilling atmospheric air to Take Me Home which collides with the soft, reassuring vocals which use repetition of ‘take me home’ to quiescently emphasise the need to feel familiar ground beneath their feet.

If you’re not remotely teary by the outro, that has more to do with the state of your own soul rather than the talent of this truly exceptional artist who we’ll definitely be keeping on our radar to keep up to date with their progressively powerful aural prowess.

You can check out KAIS’ single Take Me Home for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trevor Gerard – Revelry: A Strikingly Sincere Indie Pop Admission

Singer-songwriter Trevor Gerard has breezed onto the airwaves with their strikingly sincere single Revelry.

Many love songs fail to allude to the agony and fear which is commonly synonymous with those pesky feelings of attachment. Trevor Gerard allowed the tender and delicate semi-orchestral soundscape to poignantly capture the vulnerability.

The lyrics may be candid, but the tone of the notes in this arrestive Indie Pop ballad tell you much more than the poetically meta lyrics. There’s a pensive air to the single, but Trevor Gerard still offers that bitter-sweet feeling of enrapturement. If you’re aurally sensitive, grab a tissue before you press play.

You can check out Trevor Gerard’s track via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get psyched with Axl Phnxx’s experimental Indie Ballad “FEEL THE NIGHT”

Up and coming artist Axl Phnxx has released their experimental Indie ballad FEEL THE NIGHT, any fans of BC Camplight are going to want to hear it.

Starting off with a prelude which offers reminiscences to The Verve, FEEL THE NIGHT quickly gains momentum and picks up euphoria as it progresses. With choppy piano notes and frenzied percussion alongside Axl Phnxx’s galvanizingly energetic vocals FEEL THE NIGHT is sure to leave you psyched.

It may be a full-throttle supersonic hit, but the talented nuances within the instrumental arrangement are all too easy to pick out. Axl Phnxx may just be this generation’s Elton John.

You can check out FEEL THE NIGHT for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Martin Lucassen’s Effortlessly Piercing Orchestral Indie Ballad “Why Today”

Prepare to hear Martin Lucassen like you’ve never heard him before. Whilst the accolades may fall around him for his Indie Rock arrangements, what he has created with “Why Today” from his latest album “On My Way” goes beyond piercing. The atmospherically mastered single unfolds through the stabbing notes of the piano with the orchestral swells of violin and Martin Lucassen’s effortlessly smooth vocals. The soundscape may leave you reaching for the tissues by the time it has faded to a pensive close, yet, there are very few tracks which possess emotive qualities this potent.

Many tracks may be described as fluid, but yet again, Martin Lucassen’s talent transcends what we’ve heard from any other artist this year when it comes to composing a rich arrangement of sound which progresses in seamless synergy.

You can check out Martin Lucassen’s single Why Today along with the rest of the album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast