Chicago emcee Tae Gwapo scorches the mic with touchdown track ”Visions”

Tae Gwapo is a Chicago based indie emcee with a fine flow and he get the MVP with his new track called ”Visions”. This is a life-lesson masterclass with a sumptuous beat that bellows through the speakers with hauntingly beautiful female vocals added in to complete the team.

What are you main goals? This is the story here and the real advice continues. People are either gonna love or hate you. That is facts that might seem hard to understand at first but it will sink in eventually. Tae Gwapo has seen it all and he fully aware of feeding your team and keeping your eyes wide open in this crazy world.

Tae Gwapo’s ”Visions” is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite Hip Hop track of 2020 and this song serves a purpose. This quality storyteller who is on top form and shares his view of the world on this one. I like how self-aware he is and how the fame hasn’t gotten to his head. If anything, it has made him wiser. Turn this up and hit that repeat.

Stream the video on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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