Illinois-based artist Timmes knows there will never be another on ‘Narcissus’

With a chilled technique that has you in awe of his vocal capabilities, Timmes shows us inside the story of how vanity can take you into a reflection-filled fate on, ‘Narcissus‘.

Timothy X aka Timmes is an Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer who makes the kind of tranquil music that shall take you into a world packed with possibilities.

The sequestered artist uses sounds of luscious guitar chords, anxious synths, and eroded 808 drums which are usually accompanied by somber lyrics.” ~ Timmes

Taking us into a story that has been passed through generations and might shock many, Timmes has a style that is unlike anyone else and thrives here with an original track to ponder deeply inside.

Narcissus‘ from Illinois-based indie RnB/pop/Hip hop artist and music producer Timmes is the kind of song that has you wondering if you are cursed or not. With self-love and obsessiveness interlinked sometimes and a grey area that can become too much for others to handle, finding the right balance is definitely key. Sung with pure energy and a style that shall have you lighting up some candles, this is a supremely serene track to reflect with intimately.

Hear this mellow new single on Soundcloud and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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