Illinois rock band Sunny Disposition drop a catchy new single, ‘Roll Back’

Taken off their newly released demo called ‘Can You Get Drunk On Gasoline?‘, Sunny Disposition show us that a close friendship is all that is really needed to keep you smiling during those dark days on, ‘Roll Back‘.

Sunny Disposition is a Normal, Illinois-based indie alternative rock band who are new on the scene and shows us their vibrant enthusiasm to entertain as much as humanly possible.

The members met while all attending Illinois State University.” ~ Sunny Disposition

Hypnotizing our imaginations and taking us for a fun ride that is honest and packed with dynamic guitar riffs and gritty vocals, Sunny Disposition reminds us that music is all about pure moments with those who have the same mindset and want that tight bond too.

Roll Back‘ from Normal, Illinois-based indie alternative rock band Sunny Disposition is a joyful single from a fun outfit that has been waiting for this moment for years. After many delays in getting their much-anticipated release out to the world, the wait was definitely worth it. There is a catchy ambience on offer here that sends you into a nostalgic daydream, about when you wish you could just hang out with your mates all day.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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