Run Away: Houston alternative artist Differentchris says goodbye for good on I Don’t Need You

With shirts never mandatory and so much intriguing beats to sip on, Differentchris deals with an overload of lies on the trippy new single to feel rather deeply during a traumatic breakup on the moody gem, I Don’t Need You.

Differentchris is a 19-year-old Houston, Texas-based alternative artist who is best known for his exploits on SoundCloud and his constant evolution.

On a hazy soundtrack to that feeling when you are torn in between a love which is actually over, Differentchris performs with so much mellow brilliance which shall get many ears perked up rather expeditiously. Hoping that things will be fine, we are thrilled with bones by a quite sublime single.

I Don’t Need You from Houston, Texas-based alternative artist Differentchris shows us deep within a striking feeling which could change with one kiss. Sparking up our attention and not letting go for a second seems to be the mission, as we are left breathless by a release so welcomely honest.

With a smooth style intertwining throughout each split second, this is a surely a track which shall take so much into a reflective state of mind.

Turn this up loud on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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