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Interview: Jay Activist puts Atlanta on his back with Point to Prove

Telling us all about the concept behind his new album and all the vibes in his hometown of Atlanta, Jay Activist delves deeper into his craft and shows us his hunger inside Point to Prove. Inspired by J. Cole and keeping things to the point, we find a confident creative who is ready for whatever is next in this fickle game.

We appreciate your time Jay. Where in the world are you based and who is your favourite artist of all time?

Jay: I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia and my favorite artist of all time is J. Cole.

Please tell us more about your latest release Point to Prove and the creative/production process behind it and do you feel like your sound has evolved?

Jay: I consider Point to Prove my stamp into the music industry. While this isn’t my first project, it checks off so many boxes of points I feel like I needed to prove as Jay Activist. I can do more then just rap on a song with my growing singing ability, but also produce and engineer a good sound.

What does this album mean to your brand?

Jay: This album defines my brand as the playa that put his words in a smooth way.

If you could play live on any stage in the world, where would it be and who would be on the lineup?

Jay: It would be Statefarm arena in Atlanta with acts such as Drake, J Cole, and Smino.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Jay: “Don’t take advice from people who aren’t successful”.

Where are the hot spots to you catch live music with meaning in your local area?

Jay: Definitely Apache in Atlanta or college campuses such as Georgia State University or Kennesaw State University.

Last, if you have the keys to the music industry, how would you change it?

Jay: I would make things fairer to artists and change the ecosystem to where people don’t have to sell out to be successful.

Hear this fine release on Spotify.

Check out the progress and gig news on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

That special relationship between you and your hometown: Nottingham’s Nicole Leask is mesmerizing on new single ‘Since You Were Mine’

Nicole Leask dazzles brightly with a stunning performance on the beautiful new single about her hometown on ‘Since You Were Mine‘.

Nottingham, UK-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and Yorkshire tea lover Nicole Leask, is that special type of talent who performs with that rare authentic from the heart style and shows her genuine nature throughout. She is a real breath of pure air in a wild world- where flashy fakes with no substance are sadly admired by too many.

She sings with effortless skill that mesmerizes your mind and carefully creates music soundscapes like an angel, who sweetly helps others be inspired again, in this cold world that needs shining lights to find their way out of the scary darkness.

This is the fascinating story about feeling that leaving your hometown for a while is just like a hard breakup with a lover. A fresh song full of incredibly real vocals, that is sung with such classy elegance from a wildly talented soul, who has a voice that melts you down to butter.

We are lifted into the clouds by a  thoughtful soul who writes with such meaning and she takes us on a journey of life’s ups and downs, through her sultry vocals that summon you to a place you didn’t know existed. You feel excited and your heart feels alive when you listen to this electric talent, who is surely destined for big things if she can stay grounded and take that chance when she gets it.

Since You Were Mine‘ from Nottingham R&B/Soul singer Nicole Leask makes your anxious heart skip a beat as you recall vividly all those good and bad memories of your home, that you love but fear with your whole heart.

There is a price to pay when you leave your home comforts but the experience of jumping into new adventures, meeting new people that inspire you and doing what you believe is right- is what you should do, in order to reach your full potential.

Get to know this quality artist on her Spotify page and follow her adventures up the ladder on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kristyn McGuire sings with pride and joy on ‘Hometown Memories’

Soulful singer Kristyn McGuire sings with pride and joy on ‘Hometown Memories‘, a trip to those old times at home.

Kristyn McGuire is a 20 year old singer-songwriter raised in Columbus in Ohio and is currently going to school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a young singer who is finding her way in the world and is expressing herself on this brand new single. With a silky voice, she is a name to watch.

This song encompasses the themes of growing up and moving into a new chapter of life, which all include feelings of nostalgia, joy, hurt, and learning life lessons. This is the self-tilted single off the new EP and shows growth and I love the vocals here, the soundtrack is impeccable.

You need to hold your head up high and put the bad times behind you. Your hometown will always be there for you if you need her. Things happen for a reason and you can do what the winds and world take you. The memories of your hometown will always be there, forever.

This is a fine indie-folk song from Ohio’s Kristyn McGuire and ‘Hometown Memories‘ is very memorable from this young singer with a genuine style.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North Carolina Emcee Trigga Delgoto raps about tough times with ”Favoritism”

Charlotte, North Carolina is the hometown for Rapper Trigga Delgoto. He is back with ”Favoritism” and this is a sad song all about life growing up in the hood and how he regrets some decisions that he has made. This is an emotional track full of hurt, jail, violence and hatred. An introspective look into the life of an emcee that is going though a tough time as he reflects on his life.

Trigga Delgoto is a rapper with a raw flow who puts it all on the line with this street banger. This song puts me into a dark place and I feel in a somber mood. We are placed into a story that is all too familiar. Trigga had to grow up very quickly and we are led into some tough memories about having to choose sides when barely an adult and having issues with his family. Adding to this life story is fathering a child and now being into lean and too much stress. This is a deep track and one that deserves respect.

YouTube is the place to hear this song and get his whole collection to your ears.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Solo artist Joe Viba shows his world travels with enlightened ”History”

Never forgetting where you are from is sometimes right before your eyes if you are stuck in the past, and it can also be easily forgotten, if you stay away for too long. This is a fine line and each of us have the power to do either.

Chicago born singer and guitarist- the talented Joe Vibapresents us with an unorthodox song that is a majestic piece of art for all of us to enjoy. The track is a snippet of the way this artist has learnt his music style from travelling all over the planet, in search of meaning and adventure.

Taken off Joe Viba’s new EP ”Orions Belt”, his single ”History” is a glazing song full of twists and turns. It’s about falling in love, staring at the beautiful stars with your special human. At the same time, you should never forget your history and where you came from, mindful to not turn your back on your hometown. The masterful Joe Viba sets the tone with a terrific solo before urging us to remember our roots.

Stream Joe on YouTube and find out more about his world travels.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen