Solo artist Joe Viba shows his world travels with enlightened ”History”

Never forgetting where you are from is sometimes right before your eyes if you are stuck in the past, and it can also be easily forgotten, if you stay away for too long. This is a fine line and each of us have the power to do either.

Chicago born singer and guitarist- the talented Joe Vibapresents us with an unorthodox song that is a majestic piece of art for all of us to enjoy. The track is a snippet of the way this artist has learnt his music style from travelling all over the planet, in search of meaning and adventure.

Taken off Joe Viba’s new EP ”Orions Belt”, his single ”History” is a glazing song full of twists and turns. It’s about falling in love, staring at the beautiful stars with your special human. At the same time, you should never forget your history and where you came from, mindful to not turn your back on your hometown. The masterful Joe Viba sets the tone with a terrific solo before urging us to remember our roots.

Stream Joe on YouTube and find out more about his world travels.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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