North Carolina Emcee Trigga Delgoto raps about tough times with ”Favoritism”

Charlotte, North Carolina is the hometown for Rapper Trigga Delgoto. He is back with ”Favoritism” and this is a sad song all about life growing up in the hood and how he regrets some decisions that he has made. This is an emotional track full of hurt, jail, violence and hatred. An introspective look into the life of an emcee that is going though a tough time as he reflects on his life.

Trigga Delgoto is a rapper with a raw flow who puts it all on the line with this street banger. This song puts me into a dark place and I feel in a somber mood. We are placed into a story that is all too familiar. Trigga had to grow up very quickly and we are led into some tough memories about having to choose sides when barely an adult and having issues with his family. Adding to this life story is fathering a child and now being into lean and too much stress. This is a deep track and one that deserves respect.

YouTube is the place to hear this song and get his whole collection to your ears.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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