Alex ja Armottomat – Sateisena Sunnuntaina: International Indie

Alex ja Armottomat is a Helsinki based artist, who, lets face it, you’ve probably never heard before, so it’s my job to tell you just how sensational this Indie Rock collective is when it comes to orchestrating tracks that make your heart skip a beat, even if you have to read the lyrics as subtitles.

Alex ja Armottomat’s latest track is accompanied by one of the most poignantly depressing music videos that the 21st century has seen, yet, in all of its quaintest charms it melts your heart paired against morosely muted vocals and the unmistakable rhythm of a raw acoustic Blues guitar.

Their debut track Sateisena Sunnuntaina was released last December, in all of it’s soulful Blues Rock Pop glory which is impossible to compare to other artists out there, it truly is in a league of its own with its strangely uplifting glory.

If you feel like adding a little culture to your music collection, make sure you check out the official music video to Sateisena Sunnuntaina using the YouTube link below:

-Amelia Vandergast

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