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Hellwaffles has dropped their quaintly angsty Indie Punk Folk single “Audrey Hepburn”  

After hearing Hellwaffles’ resonantly candid debut single “Training Wheels”, there was little chance we’d forget the Indie Punk Folk artist’s instantly endearing style. Upon hearing of the release of their second single “Audrey Hepburn”, we couldn’t help but dive right in and embrace the angsty quaint alchemy one more. It definitely didn’t disappoint.

The short and bitter-sweet track is as uncomplicated as they come. The frill-free Garage Lo-Fi-style guitar give the lyrics and vocals plenty of room to leave you transfixed by them as they playfully allude to Hellwaffles’ complicated relationship with the ultimate on-screen icon. It’s pointed, it’s playful, and it’s utterly ingenious.

We’re already stoked to hear what Hellawaffles serves up next with their unpredictably refreshing style.

You can check out Hellwaffles’ latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jane H releases latest single Seashell: A mesmerising Pop single

Artist Jane H has dropped her latest single ‘Seashell’ fueling her powerful vocal range through this incredible Pop piece.

The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the beach gives it this soothing atmosphere as the pluck on the guitar strings begin to take over, having this really peaceful essence throughout as the background is filled with calming melodies.

As the lyrics are sung in such a compelling way, it’s filled with so much power and that pours through in every single second. The vocal ranges that Jane portrays are impressive, having that mellow brittle tone to her voice, that fits perfectly with the overall feeling the song gives off.

Every single part of the song is done in such a mesmerising way, as it comes towards the end the instrumentation gets louder and the vocals hit the high notes as the suspension builds through the use of instruments.

This piece is one that is a hit in itself, it has so much emotion that flows through it and it’s so relaxing to listen too.

Listen to Jane H’s Seashell by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Wilson Blackley releases Pop single Heart Reception: A real uplifting and infectious piece

Now if you’re looking for an artist to listen too, be sure to make it Wilson Blackley. Recently dropping his latest single ‘Heart Reception’, it’s one not to miss. In his words he made it to ‘’try and lift people up in this time of chaos’’ and it certainly couldn’t have come at a better time.

Wilson has an insane vocal range, the tone is in a rather modulated style, it’s rather shrill in places but the roughness that he has to his tone makes hitting them high notes that bit easier. He portrays his talent throughout whether that’s on the guitar or the tone of voice, every part of this track has this reason to make you feel good.

As soon as you listen, your mood is instantly boosted with the pure lively energy that is injected into it, with the plucks on the guitar strings and the rather incredible guitar solos that have been added, whilst adding in this loud hard strum on strings as the volume gets louder and the rather infectious feeling fills the air.

Wilson Blackley has created a song that this year needed, after all the dreadful things we’ve been going through this is just that pick me up that we all need to delve into.

Listen to Wilson Blackley’s latest piece Heart Reception by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

8udDha bl0od has dropped another enticing single DO<35

Artist 8udDha bl0od has dropped his track ‘D0<35, he’s always coming out with new music for his listeners to indulge in, always creating pieces that have many differences and each having their own reason to stand out.

Another rather interesting track, bringing in that funky guitar riff and the light tap on the strings, flowing in and out with the soothing vocal ranges, giving it that real urban Rock feel.

Giving it that rather uplifting and energetic approach as the volume is amped up as the vocals begin to get louder and louder as the clash on the drums intensifies and the thunderous guitar riffs begin to cut through the overall sound.

Definitely check out 8udDha bl0od’s music, he has lots for you to dive into.

Listen to 8udDha bl0od’s single D<035 by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Maisly – Radio Silence: Organically Empowering Indie Pop

With her empowering and feminist approach to Pop, in her latest single “Radio Silence” Nashville/London Alt Pop newcomer Maisly hasn’t just featured on the airwaves, she’s used them to inspire and connect with her listeners. I think we can all agree, more so than ever, that upraising artists are essential.

The all too resonant message in Radio Silence is a stark reminder to protect your self-worth while dealing with the people who we let control the perceptions of ourselves. It may be a relatively simple message, but how often do we find ourselves guilty of it?

With the clean and easy, popping and bright Pop Rock melodies, the organically feel-good radio-ready hit will make the perfect addition to your high-vibe Pop playlists.

You can check out Radio Silence for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Katrame – Mind At Stake: Holy fire and sticky desire!

Straight out of the gate, Katrame prove that they are rule breakers with their latest release “Mind At Stake”. It’s dangerous from the get go, with an intricate drum syncopation, electronic murky baselines, and a slow, grinding top line melody that is impossible to ignore. The ebb and flow of the track feels like auditory fermentation. They deliberately give nothing away before the right time and you are transported, then seeped in a  strange otherworldliness of their own clever design.

Like enjoying a clear sunny day and all that it has to offer and then walking through a door, only to be confronted with contrasting dark, dirty pleasures, ‘Mind At Stake’ transports you imperceptibly from pure almost holy reverence to sacrilege and sinful, sticky desire.

Michalis Papoulakos (vocals, beats, sytnths), Nasso Frontistis (bass, vocals), and Nikos Probonas (Guitar, synth, vocals) form the dynamic musical trio from Athens that is KATRAME and they are definitely a band to watch out for. They are well versed in suspense and intrigue and are able to place these into a musical context that is sure to move you.

Check out “Mind At Stake” on Spotify

Review by Susan Harriott.

New Fridge – Global Warning

An incessant beat, accompanied by samples of a 2nd World War siren and some Morse code, encourage us to heed what we’re about to hear from the mouth of Michael Fridge. The Australian frontman reminds me of Tim Minchin, with a dash of Johnny Rotten, as he takes us through various examples of humanity’s negligence.

Global Warning fuses periods of clever lyricism, which are littered with examples of our culpability in regards to our planet’s health, and some basic repetition. At times, the song’s pace is so frenetic that you feel yourself becoming stressed by an urgency that’ll soon become yours. In fact, repeated listens make you feel like you’re being bludgeoned around the head by a truth that we’re all trying to forget.

The consensus seems to be that unless we change our ways, our story might end how we’re told it began. I believe, in the future, questions will be asked about why it took us so long to wake up to the consequences of our actions. I guess if we want to know how serious things have become, perhaps we should take New Fridge’s advice and take the pulse of this dying Earth.

Review By Lisa Knight

Soto – Rootstrings: Frenetically Rhythmic World Music

“Rootstrings” is the quite literally hair-raising world music debut from up and coming artist Soto. If they keep creating soundscapes with such sensory appeal, I dare say that they won’t be up and coming for long.

You don’t need the ‘golden ear’ to perceive the ingenuity in Rootstrings. Ut’s perceptible through the way you can’t really tell what’s in control, the rhythm, or the artist. Expect exotic intricate organic beats to frenetically offer warmth and soul – even in the absence of lyrics.

Within the eclectic instrumental arrangement, you’ll pick up on virtuosic fingerpicked guitar progressions, tribal drum beats, classical strings, playful ukulele melodies and plenty more. It’s a seven-minute invitation to a higher plateau. I’d take it if I were you.

You can check out Rootstrings for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Whiskey Jonez Releases “Blow” – A Track Filled With Electrifying Guitar Freestyle Soloing

Whiskey Jonez is an Austin based guitarist with a sound that is quite interestingly unlike any other. What makes his sound so special is the intriguing blend between metal and hip-hop in a sound that has live performance and freestyle soloing at heart. His latest track “Blow” features this concept clearly and for those who ever wondered what a metal infused solo over a strong driving hip-hop beat sounds like, this is your chance to discover!

From the very beginning the song starts off with a sound that captivates any listener’s attention. The initial electronic sounds might be a bit misleading for some, and as the heavy beat kicks in, the song kicks off a roller-coster-like journey. The beat, providing the backdrop for the guitar solo, remains steady throughout, while the melodic aspect goes on to explore variations of phrases in a freestyle fashion which features metal riffs as well as rhythmic patterns and other soaring licks. As the music video portrays, this music is best experienced live. Something which Whiskey Jonez knows how to do well and is best known for. Overall this song will provide you with a listening experience that is unlike any other. The unlikely combination of hip hop and metal ends up working really well in this case, definitely making Whiskey Jonez’s style one to look out for!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

A&R Factory Present: MYFEVER

MYFEVER is a rock band residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Not that it particularly matters when you hear them. If it did, then it wouldn’t exactly make sense to you that brothers Weston and Garrett Hine have somehow managed to capture an authentic energy of West Coast and marry it to a ‘90s sensibility, all while being from Northwest Florida and still in their mid-twenties.

After ten years of playing music together, the core-member Hine brothers have attentively distilled their love of alt-arena rock into a truly memorable and truly modern expression of the genre.

To compare MYFEVER to a homogenized list of names, with the purpose of winning you over, would be pointless. Their offerings deserve more than a casual stream or well-intended earmark. This is burn-worthy music. Theft-worthy music. The point is, you’ve got a date with MYFEVER, so show up.

See The Light is the band’s debut album, released May 2015, followed by their Twin A couplet in early 2016.

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