Life Is Mysterious: Men From Venus emerge with a fascinating planetary snapshot of current life with ‘Nights of Memories’

Taken off their latest spacey five-track EP called ‘Midnight Ruse‘, Men From Venus return from another world beyond, with the new single about processing the current state of mind on ‘Nights of Memories’.

Men From Venus are a two-piece duo from England who fuse wonderful guitar, bass, keys and synthesizer soundscapes, into a washing wave that takes you up high above all, so you can see yourself a bit clearer than before, as your toxins are cleaned out to make way for the future.

They morph a mysterious sound together that has you so intrigued, your senses look up above and wonder when it will all make sense, if at all.

Their creativity has you struck in your mind, as the underground experience somehow lifts you into thinking deeper, their mixture of music has you wondering intently and pondering your next move, in this strange but fascinating galaxy.

Nights of Memories‘ from England’s Men From Venus, is a stunning experience that captures how strange the world is and how you have to stay awake longer sometimes, to build up your strength so you can face the darkness and all its scary unpredictability.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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