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Underground Edmonton rapper MusseDese drops excellent new single WONDER

Enticing us in with a mystical intro beat to boom loud all day, MusseDese keeps trying and isn’t giving up as he looks to the heavens and sees the person who he’s working hard for on the street banger called WONDER.

MusseDese is an Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist who started out performing on the guitar and piano with sublime skill interwoven throughout.

MusseDese draws his inspiration from his own experiences and interpersonal relationships. Musically, his influences consist of J.Cole, J.I.D, and Smino. However, Musse is determined to keep his sound his own, using social media and posting on “open verse challenges” to exemplify his diversity, Musse enjoys to focus on his lyrics and meaning behind them, attempting to allow the listener to feel how Musse is feeling.” ~ MusseDese

Bouncing back no matter the cuts and almost-deaths, MusseDese swarms the beehive and swats away anyone who is getting in his way towards the honey.

WONDER from the Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist MusseDese is such a punchy performance and shall drill a hole of significant substance to remember forever. Slicing up our imaginations like nothing before, this is a scintillating track to play loud when extra inspiration is needed.

Listen up on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Call Me Up: Jackson Scott is so happy again on the trust-filled single Save Your Friends

Rolling it up again and sliding swiftly through the roses of life, Jackson Scott is here to help us realize what is actually important on the superlative single we should blare heartily inside our speakers with Save Your Friends.

Jackson Scott is a Pittsburgh native who dropped out of college, as his love for the guitar was too strong to be ignored for any longer.

His voice, whether pitched up or androgynous, offers a series of still life paintings and snapshots into the predecessor of our contemporary youth culture.” ~ Jackson Scott

Exhibiting so much appreciation for a genuine friendship which is mutually real through everything, Jackson Scott is utterly outstanding on so many levels and needs more love. A hazy air fills the atmosphere at each turn, and there is rarified air to breathe in here with much recklessly planned exuberance.

Save Your Friends from Pittsburgh-based indie singer-songwriter Jackson Scott is a dreamy life altering experience to play at roaring levels of enjoyment. This is pure and projected so brilliantly by an artist in his prime.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drench Yourself in the Tonal Bliss of Robbie Lackey’s Single ‘Atoms’

Taken from his first solo instrumental album, Surrender with a Smile, which is due for release on October 22nd, Robbie Lackey’s standout single, Atoms, outlays ambient melodies that absorb you through their intricacy and ability to transplant you into a far spacier realm.

Painting all across the tonal spectrum in vivid yet euphonous colour, the Columbia Falls, MT-hailing musician and producer leads you on a psychonautic road trip that you’ll want to embark on time and time again for the cathartic escapism. With the rising cost of fuel prices, it’s probably best to stay inside and take trips of the mind, led by one of the most tonally-gifted guitarists of our time. His 20 years of playing guitar clearly paid off in Atoms; if we still lauded guitarists as much as Prince and Hendrix, teenagers would have Lackey’s poster on their bedroom walls.

Check out Robbie Lackey’s latest single, Atoms, on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Philip Brocklehurst is set to start a new epidemic with his catchy pop track, Who Am I?

Philip Brocklehurst’s single, Who Am I? is an identity crisis that is more than relatable. The Birmingham, UK singer-songwriter made his lyrical debut with this seminal bluesy pop single – not that the resonance would allow you to believe it.

As the term existential crisis becomes a common lexicon, it is getting harder and harder to eke nuance from concepts of them, but Brocklehurst more than succeeded through his questioning reprises which channel desperation for identity validation.

To contrast the heavy lyrical content, there’s a catchy upbeat vibe to the rock n roll to the soul instrumentals that will stick to your synapses like super glue. We can’t wait to hear the next installation of candour.

Check out Who Am I? by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Aaron Andreu is smoother than smooth in his pop-rock single, Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color

“Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color” is just one of the smoother than smooth singles that feature on the pop-rock charmer Aaron Andreu’s latest EP, Stars Collide.

The gently rhythmic yet angularly arresting guitar melodies that build throughout the fervently passionate single are just as sweet as the track title as they leave you on the hook for the next installation of teasingly timed accordance. It sent me right back to the glory days of the Calling and falling for Billy Idol’s raconteurial affable soul.

Before releasing his debut EP in 2018, the singer-songwriter was sharing stages and writing songs for Grammy-Award winning artists; he carried all that professionalism to the table with the Stars Collide which notably is Grammy-ballot worthy in itself. He’s got the kind of sound sycophants would line round the block for and the sense of soul to make any die-hard romantic fall hard.

Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

We Know What’s Next: Boston singer-songwriter Eliot Dean Baker gives honest advice to a heartbroken soul on ‘Are We Still Dating’

As he tries his best to offer guidance to a truly authentic human that needs to hear the truth before he sinks further underground, Eliot Dean Baker sings with a stunning gusto on his latest single all about querying if that sweet lover will actually wait on ‘Are We Still Dating‘.

Eliot Dean Baker is a Woodbridge, Virginia-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based alt-pop/rock solo artist, Berklee College of Music graduate and music producer, who has had creative melodies flowing in his drum-playing veins since he was just a young boy.

Multi-talented in singing, songwriting, and playing the guitar, piano, and drums, Eliot considers his biggest influences to be Jimi Hendrix, Prince, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Sting, Frank Ocean, and Michael Jackson.” ~ Eliot Dean Baker

This is a seriously brilliant track from the classy talent of Eliot Dean Baker – who is surely one of the most underrated artists in the world – as he dazzles on a superb track all about being there for your friend when the chips are down.

Are We Still Dating‘ from the highly instinctive Nashville, Tennessee-based alt-pop/rock solo artist and music producer Eliot Dean Baker, is a sterling effort from a truly excellent musician who is clearly at the peak of his powers. With a sincere story about seeing someone who he cares about in so much pain from losing their lover due to distance, this is the warning for anyone going through the same emotional turmoil.

Sung with a scintillating velocity, this is a top effort that will have you in a highly reflective mood as you remember the one that got away.

Hear this new single on Spotify and find out more about his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: When Mountains Speak embarks on an abstract journey in their live album, From Beyond Comes Within

Texas’ most spiritual solo artist, When Mountains Speak, has released their latest sonic exploration, From Beyond Comes Within. The live-recorded album was recorded through one microphone – not that the all-consumingly psychedelic and transcendent release will allow you to believe it.

The 12-track album pays an earnest homage to the deep spiritual roots that created the foundation for the tribal and rhythmic soundscapes. Yet with When Mountains Speak’s avant-garde flair slipping in through reverberating hums and electronic glitches, there’s a bold sense of creative playfulness. The kind of playfulness that is reflective of the wonder we found in the world before we grew weary of it.

The extended singles amount to a 1 hour and 52-minute experience. With the tribally magnetic rhythms that marry the East with the West, you couldn’t ask for a better sanctum from the chaos that exists beyond music that awakens spiritual intuition.

From Beyond Comes Within is now available to stream on all major platforms. Check out When Mountains Speak on Spotify or via their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski take us on a Soul Pilgrimage with their latest guitar-infused electronica album.

Long-time collaborators Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski have teamed up once more for their guitar & synth duet album, Soul Pilgrimage. The standout symphonic piece, Freighter Hop, carries the dark and ominous textures of post-punk in the ambiently arranged synth lines while the warm bluesy guitar notes transform it into an invigoratingly optimistic soundscape.

If anyone has what it takes to prove that the future of music will be synthesised, it is Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski. Their album was released on August 25th, 2021; it is available to stream on all major platforms; the vinyl release is due on October 31st, 2021.

Stream Freighter Hop for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ralph Pezzullo sings the ‘Lockdown Blues’ in his latest single

Plenty of artists have released lockdown-inspired singles, but no one can sing the lockdown blues quite like a blues artist, case in point, Ralph Pezzullo’s latest sonically swampy bluegrass single, ‘Lockdown Blues’.

The up-vibe funk-bridled single comes complete with frenetic keys, quite simply virtuosic guitar work and Pezzullo’s expressively honest lyrics that come alive through his country pop-rock vocal timbre. If you could bottle what Lockdown Blues has to offer, we’d finally have bottled Serotonin.

The anthem is all too efficacious when it comes to reminding you that everyone can pull light out of the dark, even if we don’t have the multi-faceted talent that was exhibited in Lockdown Blues. If you could imagine what it would sound like if the Stray Cats merged styles with Wild Cherry, you’ll get an idea of the aural euphoria that laces the soundscape.

Lockdown Blues is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Life Is Mysterious: Men From Venus emerge with a fascinating planetary snapshot of current life with ‘Nights of Memories’

Taken off their latest spacey five-track EP called ‘Midnight Ruse‘, Men From Venus return from another world beyond, with the new single about processing the current state of mind on ‘Nights of Memories’.

Men From Venus are a two-piece duo from England who fuse wonderful guitar, bass, keys and synthesizer soundscapes, into a washing wave that takes you up high above all, so you can see yourself a bit clearer than before, as your toxins are cleaned out to make way for the future.

They morph a mysterious sound together that has you so intrigued, your senses look up above and wonder when it will all make sense, if at all.

Their creativity has you struck in your mind, as the underground experience somehow lifts you into thinking deeper, their mixture of music has you wondering intently and pondering your next move, in this strange but fascinating galaxy.

Nights of Memories‘ from England’s Men From Venus, is a stunning experience that captures how strange the world is and how you have to stay awake longer sometimes, to build up your strength so you can face the darkness and all its scary unpredictability.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen