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All The Misconceptions: Alex Maes and The Connection transmits deeper than most on We

Searching for the truth and performing with so much elegant class, Alex Maes and The Connection swim away from the misconceptions on the deeply-projected new single We.

Alex Maes and The Connection is a New England-based indie RnB/jazz group that just loves putting smiles on faces all over the world.

The Connection established themselves as a versatile trio that could elevate any song, but after performing and playing Alex’s music they realized they had created a unique sound, so with Alex they decided to formally call themselves Alex Maes & The Connection. Together they have graced the stages of Rockwood Music Hall, The Narrows, and Boston City Plaza. Additionally, they have been nominated for awards in New England Music Awards 2021 (Best R&B/Soul Nominee) and New England Last Band Standing Competition 2022 (Finalists) for their lyrics, music, and engaging performances.” ~ Alex Maes and The Connection

Tingling our hearts and displaying so much poise and precision, Alex Maes and The Connection are rather spectacular on this ear-soothing single of much substance. This is that Sunday afternoon meditation soundtrack to drift away for a little while, in a world which seems to make everything so unnecessarily complicated.

We from New England-based indie RnB/jazz group is a rather thought-provoking single which will put many minds into a different mindset altogether. Serene to the core and showing us a cinematic-like story, this is a rather stunning effort which shall ease all fears away.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Your Stress: [USER] Salv.E drops powerful 2nd single Rose

With frostbite on the lips and much to ponder, [USER] Salv.E attempts the leave the darkness behind forever despite the added pressure, which is causing much stomach churning pain on Rose.

[USER] Salv.E is a mysterious hip hop artist who is infused into a music group who are based on the abstract concept of internet anonymity.

This song follows the events of a man in a toxic relationship. It aims to portray the feeling of being stuck bearing the responsibility of someone’s issues and the numbness that follows.” ~ [USER] Salv.E

Bringing us one of the more high-quality underground singles so far in 2022, [USER] Salv.E rolls through with a smooth flow and proceeds to drop a truly impressive single. Truth loaded and with so much to think about each element, this is a terrific release to feel excited about.

Rose from the anonymous hip hop artist [USER] Salv.E is a hugely admirable release which shows us how getting too deep into someone else’s life can cause so much unnecessary stress. Searching for the right path to break free from the choppy waters, we slide into a mesmerizing swim of striking realization.

Sometimes it’s best to veer far away from anything disruptive before it’s too late.

Check out this new single on YouTube. Follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Netherlands pop act Trigg3r Happy Inc feels so good on their happy single, ‘This Is Hollywood’

Showing that ambition to be massive in a big town that can either make you famous or break you into tiny smithereens, Trigg3r Happy Inc leads us into their new world with a huge smile on ‘This Is Hollywood‘.

Trigg3r Happy Inc is a Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group who like to help others release the stress of modern day life and bring a sense of genuine joy to proceedings.

Our goal is to share our music and inspire others.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

With a love for the journey and wanting to make it to the top of their chosen career, Trigg3r Happy Inc are that appealing wind of energy that we all needed to brush away those negative feelings of yesterday. Spontaneously formed 6 months ago, they have innocently led us to the door of opportunity that is waiting for us all to open if we are brave enough.

This song is about the Hollywood state of mind.” ~ Trigg3r Happy Inc

This Is Hollywood‘ from Netherlands-based indie retro-pop group Trigg3r Happy Inc is a charming effort that shows us those big dreams that can definitely become a possibility if you want it enough. They have smartly showed their youthful attitude that is certainly welcome when we need it most into a world that sometimes wants to knock you down. This is a fresh single with likeable vocals for anyone who needs hope again, to keep those eyes shining to the top of the mountain.

As long as you have the will to reach those goals, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York City’s LOUD MONSTA show us inside the wild story that is, ‘Gotham City’ (feat. SIN HG)

Smashing through the noise and leading us into a new music video that is loaded with inventiveness, LOUD MONSTA returns with a brand new music video to awaken our imagination with, ‘Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG).

LOUD MONSTA is a New York City, USA-based indie Hip hop group that raps with authority and is always looking to keep things strictly underground.

We are new to the Industry but the production house we represent is steeped in hip hop, dance, latin, and spiritual with innovative lyrics and vivid wordplay; layered with incredible beats.” ~ LOUD MONSTA

Dropping a video filled with heavy bars and steaming with innovative juices, LOUD MONSTA bellows through our speakers with a hardcore single packed with superhero themes made with a true shoutout to a movie franchise that continues to entertain fans all over the world.

Gotham City‘ (feat. SIN HG) from Queens, New York City-based indie Hip hop group LOUD MONSTA is a superhero-filled music video that shows us a story that so many love. Batman-packed and with lots of witty lyrics and a flow that takes you inside this movie, this is a top display by an outfit that hasn’t even reached the peak of its powers yet. With lots of imagination brewing from this new single that will have you morphed into this compelling story, this is a single for fans of one of the world’s favourite crime-destroying heroes.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Way She Moved: The Industrial Cult Orchestra tells us the story of the contagiously dangerous smile on ‘Insane’

With a life-changing temptation that could unlock the powerful mind if you aren’t too careful who to trust with the key, The Industrial Cult Orchestra wonders about the almost-promises that made you think twice on the body-shaking new single ‘Insane‘.

The Industrial Cult Orchestra is an indie genre-defying group that like to keep things different and always evolving. They wish to form a bond with many people all over the world, in the name of breaking away from the way the current world is moving.

The Industrial Cult Orchestra was forged in 2019 between a Viking, a Celt, and a Saxon, who, being unable to time travel, and growing anxious about the increasing inanities of modern society, decided it was time a new cult was formed.” ~ The Industrial Cult Orchestra

This is the story about how a relationship can take you to places it shouldn’t – the message of an intellectual man who foolishly enters into a misplaced relationship with a mysteriously attractive woman – who clearly isn’t a good fit for his soul. You feel the tension and energy which could take you to a place you wish to avoid, loving someone who is actually a poisoned chalice.

It was clear that people needed refuge from the extremities of political correctness, blame culture, fake news, populism, and the growing extinction threat to polar bears. 21st century humanity needs a cult that is not only just about orgies and intoxication, but also peace, tranquility, and a general ability to live in harmony alongside psychopaths, politicians, thieves and other sources of anxiety.” ~ The Industrial Cult Orchestra

Insane‘ from The Industrial Cult Orchestra, is that rather brooding track which takes you to a deep place of thought. You recall the time you almost when down – or did briefly go into that dark place – which had you under the spell of someone powerful who could do anything they wanted, whilst you just froze and let them take charge of your heart. Sung with a deep tone and a wondrous soundscape, this is that ultimate movie-like story which can turn real if you don’t take control of your romantic movements in life.

Hear this new single on their Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen