Take Your Stress: [USER] Salv.E drops powerful 2nd single Rose

With frostbite on the lips and much to ponder, [USER] Salv.E attempts the leave the darkness behind forever despite the added pressure, which is causing much stomach churning pain on Rose.

[USER] Salv.E is a mysterious hip hop artist who is infused into a music group who are based on the abstract concept of internet anonymity.

This song follows the events of a man in a toxic relationship. It aims to portray the feeling of being stuck bearing the responsibility of someone’s issues and the numbness that follows.” ~ [USER] Salv.E

Bringing us one of the more high-quality underground singles so far in 2022, [USER] Salv.E rolls through with a smooth flow and proceeds to drop a truly impressive single. Truth loaded and with so much to think about each element, this is a terrific release to feel excited about.

Rose from the anonymous hip hop artist [USER] Salv.E is a hugely admirable release which shows us how getting too deep into someone else’s life can cause so much unnecessary stress. Searching for the right path to break free from the choppy waters, we slide into a mesmerizing swim of striking realization.

Sometimes it’s best to veer far away from anything disruptive before it’s too late.

Check out this new single on YouTube. Follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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