Feet To The Beat: AquaTab can’t stop rocking off our sweaty socks on ‘Block’

With a groovy-delicious start that has your hungry lips awaiting more soulful vibes to munch up delightfully, AquaTab gets the vibe flowing like the beautiful ocean on the lead track from their 2nd EP ‘Symbols‘, with ‘Block‘.

AquaTab is a vibrant indie multi-genre band from Texas, who now are based all over the world and record together remotely. They join their styles together to make that terrific fusion of rock, rap, metal, reggae and jazz, that satisfies your soul and has you reaching handily for that music fridge, to eat on some top tunes more while you can reach it.

The bass-filled entry into proceedings has everything around feeling rather smokey-cool, as you feel like you are in a real rock bar. This soulful experience soon grips hard, with gritty hot feet-weaving hopscotch that is rather energetic on the body. They have a smart way of blending so many genres into one sound, that really is uniquely theirs.

Block‘ from the supremely creative originally Texas-based and remote band AquaTab, shows us a place that has you listening so closely to feel the sumptuously exciting beat – that is mixed with a satisfaction-filled vocal delivery – which has your head cruising rather intently in admiration. This is a creative mix of terrific production, excellent guitar riffs, fused with alpha-dog vocals, that is a top notch listen.

Stream their new music on Spotify and see the vision via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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