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Happened Again: Denver’s Magnolia Grove feels that afternoon haze on Again

Sensing that strange emotion that seeps your attention into the past as you try to dust those fears away, Magnolia Grove shows us what we have been missing to fully heal from past misfortunes on Again.

Magnolia Grove is a Denver, Colorado-based indie psych band who groove up the cores of so many previously lost hearts with their cinematically nostalgic brilliance.

Embracing that moment that changed everything, the speaker huggers return. Magnolia Grove is their name and you better not forget it. If you have ever dazed your mind away at 2am with a tough decision to make, you will feel your heart shaking slightly.

Showing us their reinvigoration inside a soul-meltingly breathtaking solo dripped melody to cause a pulse to double, this is a sweet spot to truly get lost inside. Looking for warmer weather, this could be a soundtrack for any season where things need to change quickly for the better to resume.

Again from Denver, Colorado-based indie psych band Magnolia Grove is a definite playlist keeper if there ever was one. Drenched with that honest ambiance of a group who just seem to gel just right. There is so much to love about a song that changes your mood like you just forgot what you were formerly upset about.

Listen up on Spotify and view the social vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lulas are done with this unhealthy situation and push out the negative breeze forever with ‘Get Out My Head’ (Dan Moreton Remix)

Compared to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers with a mix of Amy Winehouse, The Lulas knows that the time is now to move onto a better mental state away from the games and lies with a top song to dance with called ‘Get Out My Head(Dan Moreton Remix).

The Lulas is a Middlesbrough, UK-based indie 4-piece groove-pop band who brings us one of the most uplifting songs so far in 2022.

Closing the door on the past and opening up the future with a quick zip on the curtains, The Lulas urges us to shine a ray of sunlight again on our hungry souls. Sung with a terrific vitality and with a sensation beat to grip with, this is a rather special song from one of the most promising bands around.

Get Out My Head’ (Dan Moreton Remix) from Middlesbrough, UK-based indie 4-piece groove-pop act The Lulas is a full paced single to wholeheartedly remember forever. This is the type of track that is flowing with fantastic honesty, gloriously toned vocals and a fresh vibe to slide in your backpack and take home. They have a stylish glow that is rather ravishing on our enthralled senses and shall take you into a better place in time, far away from the memories of a past relationship that just didn’t work out.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My World Is Ending: Thundering Tampa metal band Mikky Malice turn up the heat with a blowtorch on ‘Sinner’s Requiem’

As they have our exposed ears ringing with their powerful sound that has your body feeling sparked up like an electrician who has just been shocked unexpectedly, Mikky Malice return mightily with their latest offering which is named ‘Sinner’s Requiem‘.

Mikky Malice is a high-octane groove alt-metal band from sunny Tampa in Florida, USA. They force ahead with hard-biting and explosive soundscapes that slashes the tires of anybody driving too slow, and has your unsuspecting speakers shaking like a feisty rattlesnake.

Sinner’s Requiem touches on some of the issues surrounding a person’s death. The anger, torment, and persecution of finding out a person’s true nature the pain and suffering of the people he caused around him. That same person realizing too late all the pain he caused to loved ones, but pride and fear keep him silent and unrepentant until death takes him. Everyone has a book of sin kept, what will yours look like? This song Sinner’s Requiem is for some a chance for healing and its message is hope for others.” – Mikky Malice

His formidable vocals are on full blast the whole way through as his fragile larynx reaches the ultimate passage to the other side – as the band are on top form with a strong display that has you feeling either nervous or reinvigorated – as they fuse together with an experienced sound, that has your heart pounding.

Sinner’s Requiem‘ from the fast-paced groove metal band from Tampa, Florida named Mikky Malice, has your thoughts really alive as you think about what comes after your life. They rage in and slam the front door with reckless abandon, with a flurry of roaring noise that will highly please metal fans, who are looking to quickly let out some bottled-up steam. This is a song that will annoy the neighbors, but is a track you need to hear rather loud.

Stream this new track via Spotify and check out their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Damian Eskridge – “Somebody Else”: Soulful West-Coast R&B

Damien ‘the artist formally known as Prmise’ Eskridge’s soulful take on West-Coast R&B in Somebody Else tells the story of a lyin’ and cheatin’ behind-closed-doors affair – “You can be my mistress, baby/ I can be your Mister”. It’s got some groove and melody behind the unapologetically sexual lyrics, the low-down sultry vocals of collaborator Nijahe (“I can say I’m at the movies/you can say you’re at the mall”) adding grit and grind counterpoint to Eskridge’s more silky-smooth delivery.

There’s plenty of space in the track, a little high-end boost giving clarity to the vocals, T-Pain style, between some nice minimalist 808-style hi-hats and handclaps, and yeah, it’s chilled and laid-back, dirty and seductive all at once; pretty much perfect old-school R&B.

You can hear ‘Somebody Else” here.

Review by Alex Holmes

EDDIE SATURN – VACATION featuring MyCompiledThoughts

If you like your music fuelled by Funk, Groove, and Soul, prepare to be enamoured by EDDIE SATURN’s latest playfully vibing mix “VACATION” featuring MyCompiledThoughts.

The world may be a little insane right now and going on vacation may be hard but listening to this warm and vibrant mix definitely isn’t. There’s little use in attempting slap a genre-label on VACATION, the soundscape transcends the archaic notion of aural constraint.

The popping melodies sit in constantly evolving beds of electronic effects and pick up momentum as the track which is sure to appease any fans of Daft Punk progresses. Yet with the experimentally melodic Indie feel, there’s very little in the way of assimilation in VACATION.

Perceptibly, co-producer Donny Darkpop pulled it out of the bag when they polished the mix which doesn’t just verse about nirvana, it takes you there.

You can check out VACATION for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

FELICITY GROOM – Burj Khalifa: Mind-Meltingly Arrestive House Groove Indie Pop  


Is there any better feeling than hitting play on a single and feeling a jolt of awe, curiosity and beguilement? It may not happen often, but you’ll get a potent amount of mesmerism from FELICITY GROOM’s single Burj Khalifa.

The genre-defying soundscape can loosely be defined as House Groove Pop. Yet the soundscape resonates as illimitable from the first verse. And that’s before you’ve been treated to the varying evolutions in the consistently captivating single. Despite its lucidity and easily ingestible ambience, it packs a punch.

You’ll have to wait a little longer to listen to Burj Khalifa for yourselves. It is due to be released in early 2020 along with the rest of FELICITY GROOM’s third studio album. You can check out their earlier releases via their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rachel Huggins – Take Control: Funk-Infused Deep Soul

There’s probably no preparing you for the amount of soulful Disco Funk which will greet your ears when you hit play on up and coming Deep Soul artist Rachel Huggins’ latest single “Take Control”.

But considering that the single is an inspiring hit based around taking control of your life, there’s no harm in Rachel Huggins throwing you in at the effervescent deep end.

With a slightly vintage 70s tone, there’s a familiarity to the single thanks to the archaic groove and the artist’s undilutedly soulful vocals which are extremely efficacious at sharing empowering vibes. For fans of the genre, you may as well start considering Rachel Huggins a quintessential artist.

You can check out the latest single from Rachel Huggins for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

D. Ward – Gone but anything but forgotten

Anyone who has live duets with Toni Braxton and Patti Labelle on their CV is someone who has clearly paid their musical dues and as the slick and soulful strains of Gone emanate from the speaker you know that you are listening to something a bit special. Yet despite being able to name drop those and many other top industry names D. Ward isn’t content to sit on his laurels and live off of past glories and this track, and the forthcoming album Journeys are proof of his this.

Soulful pop and groove-laden R&B lay down a platform for his amazing voice as he tells a tale of lost love, a reflective and wistful memory filled with a heavy heart and boundless emotion. Sometimes there is something to be said for an act which pulls familiar musical heartstrings, sometimes you might prefer the sound of an artist working at the modern edge of the genre in question. With D. Ward you get the perfect blend of both.

London Duo FIKA Release Groove Pop Track “Wide Eyed”

Apparently Fika is the name of the Swedish concept to take a break and have a coffee, and Wide Eyed is certainly the sound of taking some time out of the hustle and bustle of modern life and switching the brain off for a while. It is also the sound of timeless soul and modern pop, chilled dance and subtle and supple grooves co-existing. There is also a wonderful intricacy here, built largely on slick guitar motifs which run around the main riff adding interesting detail without adding weight to the song.

In fact that is the joy of the music, that often there is a lot going on but as one musical idea is threaded through another, as hooks and riffs compliment each other, finishing each others sentences rather than talking over each other, what is created is a delicate weave of sound which seems to remain as light as air. You have heard the old cliche less is more, well, this maybe the first band you will ever come across who could be described as being more is less. How do they even do that?

Van Den Wolfe’s ‘My Love is Calling’ Is Seriously Funky!

Every generation gets to experience the amazing music of their youth and then gaze in horror at the strange expressions of those that come after. Everyone wants to know what comes next, but they also fear the changes that may occur. Van Den Wolfe is among those who understand the truth: music is not linear. Trends may come and go, but expression is timeless and there’s no reason to ever abandon a style that can ring infinitely through our society.

My Love is Calling is a track that may take some people back to the clubs they used to dance in. They remember their clothes, their hair, their friends and loved ones. But this isn’t a track they’ve heard before. The nostalgia for the time may be evoked, but this is a song that has every bit as much to deliver to those inexperienced in the ways of funk and disco. This song is a perfect gateway to realizing that music is for everyone and that a little soul can go a long way. Get your shoes, we’re going dancing!