London Duo FIKA Release Groove Pop Track “Wide Eyed”

Apparently Fika is the name of the Swedish concept to take a break and have a coffee, and Wide Eyed is certainly the sound of taking some time out of the hustle and bustle of modern life and switching the brain off for a while. It is also the sound of timeless soul and modern pop, chilled dance and subtle and supple grooves co-existing. There is also a wonderful intricacy here, built largely on slick guitar motifs which run around the main riff adding interesting detail without adding weight to the song.

In fact that is the joy of the music, that often there is a lot going on but as one musical idea is threaded through another, as hooks and riffs compliment each other, finishing each others sentences rather than talking over each other, what is created is a delicate weave of sound which seems to remain as light as air. You have heard the old cliche less is more, well, this maybe the first band you will ever come across who could be described as being more is less. How do they even do that?

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